Saturday, February 3, 2018

The "Jesus Story" Translated into KIZIMBA by Radio Kahuzi Team

(Richard was recovering from the cold / flu but happy to visit with Pastor Malandela who had traveled 204 miles to share his completed "Jesus Story" project.)

Richard shares, "We had a good meeting with Pastor Malandela from Kindu who is on our BESI / DRC Board. He and his team working with SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics) have completed the recording of the text they have translated into their own "Heart Language" of KIZIMBA, or ZIMBA spoken by the Wazimba Tribe. There are over 200 languages / dialects spoken in DRC. Check out  Zimba is number 216 at the bottom of the listing. There are approximately 120,000 speaking this language.

KIZIMBA (or Zimba) is one of the Unreached Language Groups. We will add KIZIMBA Bible readings as a new program to our daily broadcasts on Radio Kahuzi.

Soon, we hope to edit the film and load the "Jesus Story" onto Bible Players and MegaVoice Players for use with our fellow-Christians in DRC. We, currently, use the "Jesus Story" in Swahili on our daily broadcasts.

One of Kathy and my first responsibilities in 1976, when I was learning Swahili, was to oversee the Swahili Bible Translation Team for the United Bible Society's translation work.

Pastor Mutangi, a former member of our African Board and Radio Bible Teacher was one of four pastors who completed the translation work of the WHOLE Bible in Swahili. He is home with the Lord, but has left a legacy for the Gospel's sake.