Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Home With the Lord...


Kathy and I are so Thankful to have been working together with Dennis Prough as the Lord guided our steps in the same direction for so many years, and as the Holy Spirit knit our skills and lives together to parallel what He was doing in the World of Gospel Outreach.

Praise the Lord, Denny was always there when he could help BESI / Radio Kahuzi blossom in ministry, to the Praise of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Several of us of the same age as Denny started out with fantastic fellowship at the Altoona Bible Church. We also attended Penn State University together, and were both seeking to serve the Lord with a life-mate who shared the same precious faith and desire to see the world come to know the Lord Jesus Christ in a personal way.  

I began recording our Pastor's messages with a Bible-sized reel-to-reel recorder my father gave me for college. I went on to Grace College and Denny left for, the U.S. Army, and Moody Bible Institute, but the reunions and Bible teaching at ABC drew a hand-full of us together over the years to Keep On Keeping ON with the recorded Word through various ministries. For Denny, it was at the Altoona Bible Church: TV, Radio and Audio Tape Ministries, where Denny became the strong arm that kept things growing and out-reaching. We will all rejoice to see in Eternity how all this fit together to produce BESI and Radio Kahuzi!  

Kathy and I, and our Team here in D. R. Congo, send our thanks and love to Linda Prough and Family, with sincere condolences, as Denny has been called to his higher service with the great saints and the Lord Himself, who welcomes Denny with Great Applause! Praise the Lord for Denny's life, service, and fellowship for the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Denny monitoring the Altoona Bible Church's radio
program, "Joy In The Morning" and on TV, "The Life of Triumph"

You will be missed as a member and voice of wisdom on our U.S. BESI / Radio Kahuzi Board of Directors beginning in the early 1990s. Until we meet again, "A job well done!"