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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas in the darkness

Kathy Remembers Kathy w parents
It's almost Christmas, once again! When we all love  to remember... and I remember Mama and Papa,  Millie and Fred Bahler and those precious times of  family and friends, and the good food and all the  church celebrations: Celebrating the Coming of our  Lord Jesus Christ as a Baby--to be the Savior of  mankind!

As a missionary kid, being raised in the Belgian  Congo (Zaire), Democratic Republic of the Congo, the precious memories  flood back--of life with the lions, monkeys, elephants, water buffalo, and  antelope, especially at Christmas time! 

Rich presenting a goat as "Bride Price"  to elders
45 Years Together...
Our most Memorable Christmas Season was December 16, 1972, when we were married by Pastor and Missionary Wayne Schoonover in Pastor Vern Schutz's Berean Church in Grand Rapids, Mi., and coming to the Congo together. My plan was to return from college as a single missionary, but the Lord had another plan.

Richard and I THANK the LORD for ALL of YOU who became members of our extended  family at that time."Working Together with Christ."

 Later, you shared in our Rejoicing when we arrived in Bukavu for Christmas  Dinner with our parents, the Bahlers, on December 25,1975 to begin our  ministry with them!

We praise our Savior! We had no idea  then the unique open door He would give  us to share His Story through Radio  Kahuzi carrying on my parent's  legacy....Thank you mom and dad for  setting the foundation for an amazing  ministry of reaching precious souls for  Christ.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Rich and Kathy Celebrate their 45th Wedding Anniversary Dec 16!

Wish we could be there to  help you celebrate your 45th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow! We'll be there in spirit. Do you remember presenting a goat to Kathy's church elders? You must have had some culture shock, Rich. Hope you can take time to go to the Orchid to celebrate!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Pygmie Groups Listens to Radio Kahuzi


Praise the Lord! Because, All the Victories are in Christ Alone! 

So many times we wonder why things don't move ahead as fast as we would like, but in the end the Lord tells us to "Be still, and know that I am God!" And in His timing, He shows us what His Will is--in our lives and the life of Radio Kahuzi!

Just the other day, when we were feeling kind-a frustrated because of how slow things were happening, we received a story from one of our journalists of how the Pygmies really appreciate what Radio Kahuzi has done for them! 

One of our friends went out to visit them in their village, and was asking some of the men about their traditions of not going to the hospital, when their wives give birth, and when they get sick; and their answers were quite amazing. They use their own plants from the forest, to treat their maladies, and they really work! They eat mostly forest plants so they don't have any extra fat on their bodies. They are very lean and strong! They use their traditional bows and arrows, so no one messes with them!

Visitors froma radio club deep in the jungle
Pygmie listeners 
visited our studio.
When our friend started asking them all these questions, they started getting nervous, but then he showed them his Radio Kahuzi identity card, and they got "all smiles" and said they loved the radio programs -- as that was the only radio they listened to! So, everything was OK! Praise the Lord for Radio Kahuzi and the Word of God!

Thank you each one, for all your prayers and support all these years! It's always amazing to us even now, to hear of what impact the radio ministry has on folks and what the Word of God does to change lives; it's such a miracle - supernatural Work of the Holy Spirit, every day during these past twenty-five years of broadcasting the Gospel! (December 24, 2017)