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Friday, March 17, 2017

The President's Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Harold (Smitty)! Who would have guessed as a senior in high school you would serve at BESI's President for 31 years! Or, that you would be married a year later to Mickey (1959) and remain married for the next 58 years (June 21st)! — Curwensville Area Junior/Senior High School.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

My High Speed Bike Crash!

Dear Friends of BESI / Radio Kahuzi,

February is a refreshing month of Friendship and reflection on our travels and plans.
Faith and Ward McDonald
Faith and Ward McDonald
February brought the birth of my mother, Faith, my father, John Ward, Kathy's
Kathy_ Millie_ Fred Bahler
Kathy, Millie,Fred Bahler
faithful father, Fred Bahler, and my true childhood friend, Bob Robeson. We recently found out our Great Grand Niece, Lanie Faith (9) shares a birthday on Feb 22, with her Great Grandfather, John Ward. 

As Kathy, my wonderful wife and Best Friend, and I reflect on the years, it was comforting when the Lord gave us Fred and Millie Bahler to get us started as junior missionaries in 1975. 
Fred with trumpet
Here in Africa, Fred would play beautiful Christian music to end the day, and watch the sun go down -- Looking for the SON to Appear...One Day SOON!

(Editor's note: Kathy's father, Fred, served in Congo for over 35 years. He went home to be with his Lord and Savior in Dec. 1995 in the States. Kathy and Rich received notification months later in 1996. They were pinned down to the floor during the first invasion from Rwanda in 1996.) 

The Lord has been "growing us up" in the Congo, where He has blessed our missionary ministries these past 42 years, with many of you coming along side to make it happen! Thank you, and Praise the Lord for His Faithfulness day by day!  

When I was in ninth grade, Bob challenged me to a 64 mile bike hike from our home town, Grampian, (named after the Grampian Hills of Scotland) and DuBois, Pennsylvania. Just before a long vertical descent and climb on the concrete highway, the Lord got my attention with two huge road signs put up by the Assembly of God Church. One asked, "Where will you Spend Eternity?" and "Are you ready to meet your Maker?" He is asking you those same questions today. Won't you answer Him with, "Yes, Lord, I hear you." "For by grace are you saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast." Ephesians 2: 8-9."
When I lived through the high speed accident at the bottom of the descent and completed the 64 miles with only slight bruises, those questions haunted me for years, until my second year at Penn State University, when Pastor Henry Kulp at the Altoona Bible Church led me in prayer to receive Jesus Christ as  my Savior and Lord of my life. I was a former Christian Scientist. 

The Lord will reward many, many of our friends who He used to confront us with the Gospel like the Ken Krater family and Mrs. Sally Leach, our "Good News Club," Child Evangelism teacher. 

They taught us some of the ways the Lord is asking us to "lay up real lasting Treasures in Heaven" invest time, energy, and finances in Eternity!

Welcome Visitors

Amy and Mark Neil and daughter Lindsey came to visit and celebrate Amy's Valentine's Birthday with us! 

We praise the Lord for this timely intervention on their part as Faithful Representatives of BESI and Radio Kahuzi. As an international lawyer and former missionary kid who grew up in Bukavu serving with his parents, Mark is committed to helping us with our outreach in Rwanda and the Great Lakes region of Africa, helping us get our governmental recognition, etc..! 

They have also offered us their home in Kigali, Rwanda any time we need to visit the capital. 

Two of our friends and partners and their Technical Team at SonSet Solutions have masterfully designed two shortwave antennas for two new sites for our long distance broadcasting from the city of Bukavu. The Lord is good, in that our outreach coverage area actually doubled into Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda and Tanzania. Pray for our new shortwave antenna installation and even greater outreach into many countries nearby. 

Kathy and I are encouraged by those who are sharing our CC newsletter to invite friends to become aware of BESI's growing Christian Broadcast outreach and to pray and give to help us increase our 24 years of outreach in the D R Congo and beyond. Our 25th anniversary is coming up on December 24th. Today, March 11, we celebrate 31 years of ministry under (BESI) Believer's Express Service, Inc. Where have the years gone?

Your love and partnership in the Gospel parallels that of Jonathan and David, and for the Body of Christ, your love and Sharing today parallels that of the Holy Spirit, who is the secret of the Lord's success. 

He is doing a great work, despite our weaknesses, and He invites each one of us to be Co-Partners with Him in His ministry around the world - truly a desktop satellite ministry from your own home, there where you are, you could be the key person the Lord is inviting to participate in what He is doing during this Day of Salvation. 

Some people Go, others, Pray, and others Give, some do all three; He will reward every aspect of your part of His ministry. We need volunteers to help us continue to respond to the Lord's leading. We want His directive will for our lives and ministry, not just His permissive will; and most of that difference depends on those who come along side our outreach ministries here in Central Africa.  

Kathy and I Thank You for remembering us, just as the Lord remembered Noah in the Ark. That is what made the difference for Noah, as it does for us.

Keep Looking Up!
Richard and Kathy McDonald