Wednesday, January 25, 2017


January can sometimes be a difficult month full of Sadness because Christmas is over, but also full of Hope for the months ahead.  
Yesterday Rich was coming home in a taxi (both vehicles down for repairs) and the driver wanted to take a different route, and he ended up in our old neighborhood at "Les Branches," where Radio Kahuzi first started in 1992!  
First home and studio
First home and radio studio
It's hardly recognizable, with all the walls and many houses built right on what used to be our front lawn that went all the way down to Lake Kivu!! It's so sad. 

(Note from editor: You can read about Rich and Kathy's harrowing escape on the night of Sunday, 1996 after three nights on the floor while mortars hit the house on all 
four sides. It was the first invasion from Rwanda which you can see in the distance. Click HERE and HERE for the story.)
I'm thankful that we have the Word of God that never changes, and that we still have the freedom to broadcast the Word on Radio Kahuzi these 24 years! What a blessing to be able to do this ministry!! 
This past year has been full of ups and downs and we're sooo thankful the way the Lord has brought us through each situation! 
In spite of the hard trials that Satan throws at us, we are always encouraged by the stories that folks tell us of how the Word of God through Radio Kahuzi has impacted their lives and their pagan life-style. 
Today one of our friends is meeting his father and his whole extended family. It is the father's request to have a family reunion with his nine former wives, and 40 plus children!  The father wants to tell his family that he did many things before he believed on the Lord Jesus Christ that weren't right, but now he wants to make sure that each one in his family comes to know Him--that all come to accept Christ as Savior before he dies!   Each of his wives has been released from their servitude and trusted Christ for Salvation years ago, but the kids and grand kids weigh heavy on his heart!
It is stories like these that keep us going! We are sooooo very thankful for All You Have Done to allow us, through Radio Kahuzi, to reach thousands of lives with the simple, yet life-changing Word of God that purifies the heart and sets the captives free! 
You make this all happen with your prayers and gifts to the Lord's Work, as we could never do it alone. 

We're All in it together!! 
Have a wonderful New Year 2017!
"For we are laborers together with God:...For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ." II Cor. 3: 9-11.

Update from Richard
This week our friends and partners at SonSet Solutions have masterfully designed two special shortwave antennas for two new sites for our long distance broadcasting from the City of Bukavu.  
New Shortwave Antenna
New Shortwave Antenna

New Antenna Assembly
New Antenna Assembly
State of the Art new technology from SonSet Solutions is on its way with our friend, Tom Lindquist to Bukavu!

HCJB Installed SW in 2001

In 2001 HCJB installed our 1,000 watt shortwave. Using a crane we erected 4-40ft antenna poles on this empty lot beside our house and studio. In 2015, the house below was illegally built under our antenna. 

SPOILER House Between our SW 40ft Poles
SPOILER House Between our SW 40 ft poles
Lord willing, we will have exciting news this month as the antennas arrive and are installed at new broadcast sites.   This will allow us to complete a complicated, tiring move that began three years ago! But the Lord is good, in that our outreach coverage area actually doubled into Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania after we were forced off our original antenna site by an unlawful builder, and we had to Improvise.

Please Pray for solutions with the mechanics working on our van with fuel pump problems, as we continue to get lots of exercise walking and / or chasing taxis, lately. 

Possibly, patience is a virtue we need to master. The Holy Spirit and you are helping us in that area also as you "come Along-Side with your encouragement."

Keep Looking Up! 
We are looking for His Soon Appearing in Heavenlies!