Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Big Happy Birthday Kathy

Hi Kathy,

Trusting you were able to take time today to celebrate another birthday in Congo. Here you are singing your own song of life long before you ever dreamed of a Richard, or reaching thousands of souls through missionary radio, or a home in Rwanda to reach even more. May the Lord fill your heart with JOY at all that He has done! HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KATHY.

With all our love and more prayers,
Barb and Smitty

Monday, July 4, 2016

Assassinations on the Rise!

 Driveway entrance to our new home in Rwanda. The adjoining property on the right is being renovated for a new owner who plans to have a Guest House and Restaurant.

It was a beautiful sunny day this afternoon, as I took another load across to Kamembe (the new name for Cyangugu) . I finished our new metal bed frames for our new home in Rwanda!

Yesterday was different; I froze at sunset, with an ocean-like wind and spray / mist coming off Lake Kivu, as I tried to replace the gate lock mechanism, that kept jamming in a locked position. Turns out the holes are poorly aligned on the metal gate and put stress on the movable parts, so I had to give up, until I can re-drill the holes in the door frame.

I must have gotten a chill, as the night and morning came with cold symptoms, so I'm glad that was not repeated today - with a huge full moon, the only light we had when I got back to Bukavu, but SNEL finally did come back, and our lights did come on, just now. Kathy said they were off and on all afternoon and exploded some of our light bulbs!

It will be so good to be there in Rwanda with Kathy, hopefully
Monday or Tuesday, as things do work there. Pray for our final push to get our big items moved with a large truck! I have stayed in Rwanda some nights to work on the house and to establish our "presence" to complete our residence-visas, but then decided to stay with Kathy in Bukavu for safety.

Recently, there have been a number of assassinations around Bukavu. Even the lawyer who helped BESI with our plans and building of our new Bukavu studio was assassinated!   
Last week the Security Council passed a resolution that allowed the immunity of even government officials to be made null, and void, if they have been involved in violence and murder that amounted to "war crimes."

We have sooo much to be thankful for, and especially we want to thank you for your prayers and support to help us keep on keeping on!! The Lord truly is using you to keep Radio Kahuzi on the air seven days a week! Eternity will tell!

In the meantime, we do have a wonderful story to share of how the radio is impacting lives in this part of the world, and especially now, we are hearing of how the broadcasts helped folks years ago, when we first started the broadcast network, when we were the only Christian station.

One of the men that works with us told us what his wife recently revealed to him. His wife told him that her father (who is now a Pastor) was a real idol worshiper in his younger days. Many here in the mountain villages worship spirits associated with various idols placed here and there on the hill sides, and even have the ritual of putting food in front of them to keep the spirits happy.

Our worker himself committed a traumatic life-changing faux-pas on the way home from school, when he was very young! He and a friend were hungry and ate the food that had been dedicated to an idol. His family found out and banned him from his home and village, and he was raised by others. But, he began listening to Radio Kahuzi.

His wife shared that her father had nine wives, which is a common custom among these idol worshipers. He had no idea that it was wrong! But, one day he heard Radio Kahuzi playing in his house and he told them to turn it off when the sermons came on, but he did like to hear the music, so that was OK.

Pastor Enoki Paul
One day, the radio happened to be on when Pastor Enoki Paul was preaching (in Swahili) on marriage and the special relationship between husband and wife, like Christ and the Church. So he started listening to the Radio Kahuzi broadcasts, and eventually accepted the Lord as His Personal Savior!!

He then proceeded to throw out all the idols, and gave his extra wives their liberty to be free of his illegal marriage bonds. And if they chose that path, he would give them some cows and money to help them get started in their new lives. He also witnessed to them each until all of them got saved!! That was his wish -- for all nine wives. And they each put their trust in the Savior, Jesus Christ! Even now, some of them are worshiping faithfully in several different local churches.

Today, this man who was steeped in carnal, pagan ways is a Pastor, witnessing and preaching!! What an amazing story of what the Holy Spirit has been doing -- not just impacting lives in the present time, but the Spirit started years ago, as He opened the air-waves to the Gospel ! That's the neat thing about the Word of God, it never returns unto Him void !!!

All the Praise goes to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ !!!

We also are truly blessed to have you all helping us with this special ministry!

Thank you for praying for us, too, as we do for you all, also !

With Grateful Hearts,

Photo: Kathy and Rich thin and tired after a week in hiding during the first invasion in 1996. Was it worth it? Yes, and again, YES!