Thursday, October 29, 2015

Beginning the Big Move!

We praise our Lord for friends like you who help us keep keeping on!! The radio ministry isn't easy; and we're soooo thankful when we have the encouragement from folks like you!
We're in the thick of dry season; it rained a little yesterday, but not enough to do anything, just makes the leaves dry up more. The roads are being graded as usual during dry season, so the dust is just horrendous and all the walkers just suffer so much! Everyone will be happy when the rains start again; although, then everyone will be crying about all the mud!! They added piles of top soil / not clay or argyle soil / to spread on top of the graded road. That means we will have clouds of dust if they don't put black top over it!!!!
We're in the thick of moving the radio station and the household goods from 40 years living out here; can you imagine what that's like. We just have to take it little by little, otherwise one gets overwhelmed when looking at the whole picture!
Rich is putting up the antenna for the FM at the new two room / two story radio studio. We've been moving heavy, heavy furniture from the radio room that stores all the cassettes and CD's and Mini-discs with a flat bed truck that our neighbor lent to us for a few days. So much work ahead! But, it'll be worth it -- when we finally move into the house that our board has worked sooooo hard to buy. If the Lord wills, no more renting and landlords, raising rent every time one turns around.

Across the Border
We were wondering how in the world we would ever get enough funds to buy the little house on the hill in Rwanda, and because of you all investing so much to make this happen, we just marvel how the Lord has worked this all out little by little. It's a big lesson in going by faith, and we still can't quite believe it yet. I guess when we give our friend (the owner) the last payment and we finally get all our belongings across the border, into the house, then, it'll all seem more real!!!
If the Lord wills, as soon as we get moved over, and we get the furniture placed in their places, I'll put the little Christmas dolly and the glass ornaments in the glass door cupboard that Rich had made for me one year. That will sit in the kitchen so we can put our good dishes and little special gifts that remind us to pray for you all! And, then we can put the electric candle in one of the windows at Christmas time (over there they say that the electricity hardly ever goes out) can you imagine that!!!

The water is supposed to be on most of the time, too!!  And, it's really clean! We already buy bottled water for drinking from over there (Rwanda), we boil the lake water from here in Bukavu for coffee and brushing teeth and sometimes drinking too, when the other water runs out.
Thank you to each one who helped to make our dream of property and a home in Rwanda come true!  We pray that the Lord will use it for His Honor and Glory!

Thank you soooo very much for your gifts and for your prayers, so much needed!

Keep Looking Up!
Rich and Kathy McDonald

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Face to Face With Jesus

Harold Smith, BESI / Radio Kahuzi President, Barbara Smith, Secretary, Phyllis and Wayne Schoonover

Three Members of the Schoonover Family are Enjoying their Face to Face with Jesus!

A man full of wisdom, encouragement and discretion are among the attributes of Wayne Keith Schoonover, Sr. 

Wayne joined our BESI Board of Directors in May of 2006 serving until his home going to Glory on October 14, 2015.

Wayne will be greatly missed by our BESI / Radio Kahuzi Board of Directors and many Pastors and Christian Families in the D R Congo.

Harold D. Smith, President

A Little Family History from Kathy

We remember this precious family with our shared experiences and memories of missionary life in D R Congo (formerly Zaire) and the War of Independence, during Mobutu's seizure of power in a military coup in 1965, followed by five years of political upheaval following independence known as the Congo Crisis. We all fled across the border into Rwanda to wait out the war with the Lindquists, the Schoonovers, and the Bahlers (Kathy’s family). 

When we all came back to the States from the Congo in 1960, because of the troubles, we had the privilege of having Uncle Wayne as our pastor in Derbe, Colorado. Wonderful times of growing in the Word and making lots of American friends.

Jill's Face to Face with Jesus

Jill (Schoonover) Hodgson, Home to Glory November 7, 2014  / Kathy on left, and Kim Hodgson on right 
In November of 2014 we made an emergency trip home for Richard’s eye surgeries, followed by a visit with the Schoonover families to say our goodbyes to Jill, daughter of Wayne and Phyllis Schoonover. Jill was ready and looking forward to making her entrance into Heaven after years of battling cancer, knowing II Corinthians 5:6 ”We are confident, I say, and willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord.” Jill entered Heaven’s Gate on November 7, 2014. Jill’s mother, Phyllis, had already taken her journey on May 28, 2014.
Mike Axman, Richard and Kathy McDonald, Bill and Mary Bunch, and Wayne Schoonover

During our visit in November 2014, we went on down to Elkhart with board members, Bill and Mary Bunch and Wayne Schoonover to connect with our partners for technical assistance in Elkhart, IN at the HCJB Engineering Center now known as “Son Set Solutions.”

We enjoyed dinner with senior technician, Mike Axman, our good friend, and tech support since 1992. We are so thankful that we had this time with Wayne as it became our last visit and fellowship together until we meet again in Glory.
Wayne and Phyllis Schoonover reunited in Heaven with daughter, Jill

 Richard shares, I met Wayne before I met Phyllis in 1970, when he spoke at GBC of how it was when he was a college student and some of the pranks they played; then he challenged me that teaching in Kenya in English would be great, but had I considered being a teacher of Grace pastors in the Congo where he and Phyllis were missionaries.

Wayne Schoonover, Jr. was used of the Lord to help bring Kathy and me together as a serious couple in Blessed Courtship. Later, Uncle Wayne was the Pastor who married Kathy and me, and helped us join them as Grace Missionaries in the Congo in 1975.

Again, in 1985 Wayne’s wisdom was needed as Kathy and I were seeking the Lord’s direction–regarding whether to begin an independent missionary organization. Knowing us so personally, Wayne encouraged us to step out by faith and organize a new mission, which became Believer’s Express Service, Inc. on March 11, 1986. We will celebrate 30 years of ministry in Congo next year, 2016. BESI developed into missionary radio in 1992. This opened the Congo to it's present-day Freedom of Broadcasting; celebrating 23 years of broadcasting the Gospel on December 24, 2015.

Our journey with Wayne and the Schoonover family has been a long and fruitful one.

Uncle Wayne, Auntie Phyllis and Jill are all greatly missed, but our Reunion is not far behind. So, come quickly, Lord Jesus.