Friday, August 7, 2015

Earthquake Kills at Least Five People in Bukavu

Richard and Kathy McDonald report:

We had two earth quakes last night about 3:30 AM — about 6 on the Richter scale or more.

The SW & FM tower / rack moved about a foot, against the heavy desk and UPS batteries!

The walls cracked in the bedroom and radio room, and the cement walk began to buckled up outside the studio room door. All those places are along a line, probably a fault line under the house. The hot water heater broke loose on one side — its bolt pulled out of the wall. It  swung on the chain and holder on the other side and burst free from the input water line. It is dangling by one finger hold of the support brace and the chain I attached, just in case… We will have no hot water tonight. Hopefully, I’ll be able to fix it tomorrow / Saturday.  I took pictures for use later with the LL, as she may be able to get help fixing the problems related to the quake; especially if it was the mines blasting to see where the gold is. They take radar type x-rays from planes and satellite to see what is under the ground. Most of our neighbors have re-built their houses after the last huge quake.

We are praying that after shocks will not damage our new, two story studio.

Lake Kivu is a volcanic lake sitting on a fault line connected to several volcanoes about 100 miles north in Goma which feed methane gas into Lake Kivu.  The gas escapes from the lake causing skin and eye problems.

There is much new construction due to finding gold and now uranium. The explosion of the population has put a huge drain on the very old water and electricity system causing extreme service outages.

                                          Center of the city of Bukavu