Wednesday, April 8, 2015

He is not here, He is Risen indeed!

His Resurrection Destiny

"Ought not Christ to have suffered these things, and  enter into His glory?! Luke 24: 26

Our Lord's Cross is the gateway into His life: His Resurrection means that He has power now to convey His life to me. When I am born again from above, I receive from the Risen Lord His very life.

Our Lord's Resurrection destiny is to bring "many sons into glory." The fulfilling of His destiny gives Him the right to make us sons and daughters of God. We are never in the relationship to God that the Son of God is in; but we are brought by the Son into the relation of sonship. When Our Lord rose from the dead, He rose to an absolutely new life, to a life He did not live before He was incarnate. He rose to a life that had never been before; and His resurrection means for us that we are raised to His risen life, not to our old life. One day we shall have a body like unto His glorious body, but we can know now the efficacy of His resurrection and walk in newness of life. "I would know Him in the power of His resurrection."

"As Thou hast given Him power over all flesh, that He should give eternal life to as many as Thou hast given Him." "Holy Spirit" is the experimental name of Eternal Life working in human beings here and now. The Holy Spirit is the Deity in proceeding power Who applies the Atonement to our experience. Thank God it is gloriously and majestically true that the Holy Ghost can work in us the very nature of Jesus if we will obey Him. 

Oswald Chambers, "My Utmost for His Highest"

New Life in Christ Demonstrated
Mr. Cataloge has no legs to walk with but,
one day the lame shall leap for JOY! 

Dear Friends of Radio Kahuzi,

Kathy shared, “Today, going and coming from church, on this Palm Sunday, the word was, “Machumi died”; everyone we met greeted us with “Machumi died!”

Yes, it's always a sad day when one of our friends dies, but Machumi was a very special, kind of man.(Regretfully, we have no photo of Machumi, but he is not forgotten by our Lord.) He always showed up with his “coop-coop” to keep the grass cut down at our neighbor's yard, and always greeted everyone with the biggest smile that you've ever seen. He was always willing to help when
one would ask him to do something, and never griped about not getting paid enough for his work! He was not disabled. We all called him the “airplane” as he lived way up high in the mountains and walked that path everyday, back and forth to work, a couple hours walk, and never showed up late for work ~ unless it rained hard or he got sick, but otherwise, a very faithful worker!

 During the past few months he became ill, and went to the hospital, but the doctors sent him home, as they said they couldn't do anything for him. He's been suffering with cancer of the stomach, and as he became weaker and weaker, we knew the Lord would be calling him home soon. Anyone that visited him always came back with the report that he always kept his little red Galcom radio next to his side and wouldn't be without it. We had given him the radio a few years back, and he faithfully kept it running! We're thankful that he's been hearing the Word of God and the Christian music all these years, and we trust that one day we will all meet him again in Heaven and hear the rest of his story!!

The day he died, it was a dark, drizzly day, and as his kids showed up next door where he had worked, we met them just as they were heading home -- the long trek over the mountain foot paths over that highest last mountain ridge to bury their dad in a wooden coffin right next to their home. (People in the villages can bury loved ones right next to their house.)

We gave them a little gift so they could get a taxi at least part of the way home. Hard day for them for sure! They thanked us for the Galcom Radios we had given to them and others and our Faithful Broadcasts that helped them so much be “in-touch” with the Gospel and the Good News each day.

“How beautiful it is to know Jesus’ promise, “...I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: and whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?”

We're thankful for the faithful ones who “keep on keeping on,”even when life is really hard in these lands, and Machumi was one of the Faithful Ones! He truly is missed!

The blind, the deaf, and the lame come searching for help 
and leave with the Word of God. We give them the help that 
you place in our hands.

We're thankful for the faithful ones who “keep on keeping on,” even when life is really hard in these lands, and Machumi was one of the Faithful Ones! He truly is missed!
Mr. Cataloge receives the Gospel-the Good News!
Thank you for praying for us and for all the listeners that have been encouraged and many who have been given Eternal Life because of hearing the Word of God through Radio Kahuzi. It's always amazing to see how the Lord is Working in Listeners' lives!! So many times it's just the one-on-one testimony that brings the Gospel to the unsaved. Praise our Lord!

Today, we had the opportunity to, personally, share a clear presentation of the Gospel with Mr. CatalogÄ•, President of the Kahuzi Radio Club “Mupendo.” (Mapendo is Swahili for “LOVE.”) The members of his Radio Club, like Mr. CataloguÄ•, are disabled by polio. They make their daily living by using their three-wheeled-chairs to transport goods like sacks of salt or flour, etc., up the long hill
and through the Ruzizi border crossing, customs free.
There is Much love and Thankfulness in our hearts for each one of you who help to keep Radio Kahuzi on the air broadcasting seven days a week.

Keep Looking Up! In His Love,
Rich and Kathy McDonald

A Message from the President
Our progress on the new studio is slow, but sure because the Good News that, “He is Risen” needs to be told again, and again. With your gifts and prayers you make this all possible.

With many hindrances, we began laying brick in Oct 2013. By August 2014 Richard was loosing his sight and came to States for surgery.

We are now in April 2015 hindered again with bureaucracy in many areas. PRAY! Pray that the government “red tape” will be removed to install our electric underground cable this week.

“...If God be for us, who can be against us.” Rom. 8:31

May God bless you as you partner with BESI to blanket the African Great Lakes Region with the Good News of Christ's Death, Burial, and Resurrection.

Keep Looking Up!
Harold D. Smith, President