Sunday, July 13, 2014

Richard McDonald

Life in Bukavu

Richard's Banking Experience

From time to time when emergencies arise on the field and there is not enough time to make a funds transfer, we rely upon a special friend to provide a quick loan. On June 2 Richard found himself in such a situation. Unpleasant as it is to ask for help, this occasion seems ordained by the Lord as it resulted in an unexpected encounter.

Richard writes, Today I saw Richard Lugano who opened the Internet Cafe  in town to see if he could loan us some funds to cover our emergency.

(Photo to right: Richard sharing the Good News with acquaintance he met at Cafe. We cannot share his name or show his face as it would be too dangerous for him so Richard Lugano is substitute.)

While I waited for Richard to return the Lord gave me something to do. A man came into Richard's Centre Informatic and shook hands saying he remembered me from the American Consulate / Cultural Center back in the 1980s. He shared that in those days he had been a photographer and operated a small film development studio. As we talked about  Bukavu history, I asked him if he was a Christian believer. He said, "No, I keep falling into sin."

So we discussed how the Lord opened the way for the "Idea" of Radio Kahuzi, when the Lord used my torn retina problems and a helicopter flight to the mountain hospital, where the President of Far East Broadcasting Association was staying overnight. This CEO shared that he had decided not to open a radio station in Congo, but shared the possibilities of international broadcasting.

I shared with my photographer friend how I met with the Provincial Governor the very next day before leaving for the States because of severe medical complications with my earlier eye surgery, and how I asked him for permission to use an abandoned radio studio to begin a Christian radio network. He remembered the Governor.

I also shared that the Governor had received Christ as his Savior only weeks before coming to Bukavu to become our Governor, and his Administrative Assistant, Mr Yumba, had been saved only three months before. He could understand how the Lord was working behind the scenes to use each of them and us to prepare the "Way" for the radio network to be born.

Richard meets with Prime Minister
Then I shared that several years later we met with President Mobutu and the Director of his Office, who pointed out in two meetings that it was impossible, as the Constitution of Zaire did not provide for other radios, as the OZRT or RTNC had a monopoly on public broadcasting.

Being a photo journalist, he was keenly interested that President Mobutu asked for our statutes and promised to see what could be done to help Believers Express Service Inc, with this project.

Richard worked 3 yrs on BESI statutes

He listened with understanding when we showed how all of this was "so impossible to hope for," but a year later the President decided to end the "One-Party-State" and to allow multi-party elections. And, two days later President Mobutu signed a Presidential Decree recognizing the American BESI as a Congolese Association so it could pursue its projects to development, thus birthing Radio Kahuzi as a National Network of Radio Broacasting and opening the nation to other radios and TV stations and freedom of the press.

As I shared that we could not take anything with us when we die, not a shirt, telephone, house, car, etc., but as Christian Believers, Richard Lugano and I were laying up treasures in Heaven, and when we died, the Lord would give special responsibilities to those who served him here below, he seemed to reflect and lowered his head.

At that point he asked me to pray for him; and as we continued, he repeated it. So, when I saw his head was bowed, I asked if he wanted me to lead him in prayer to receive Christ Jesus as his Savior. He said, "Yes." So I prayed and he repeated each sentence exactly. We included phrases to help explain exactly what this meant.

Afterward we shared II Cor. 5:21 with him and wrote down a diagram of what the verse describes and asked him to prayerfully study this tonight and see if he understands his Position In Christ after a few days.

We Praise the Lord there was a reason for me to wait for Richard. It was "A Different Kind of Banking."

Two More Precious Souls

Again, on June 10 I had the joy of leading another man in prayer of salvation in front of the shop. He came across the street and asked for a Galcom radio when he saw me getting ready to drive away. I shared II Cor 5: 21 with him in a diagram on the hood of the car after he shared that he thought God would take him when he died because God gave him life in the first place and that made him a child of God.

I shared that it is necessary to receive Jesus Christ as Savior because God sent Him to become a man to receive our sins on the cross and make it possible for any man to receive His Righteousness by Faith through the cross.

A man asked us to move my car so he could get out onto the road, so he quickly prayed the sinners prayer with me and I gave him the diagram of II Cor 5:21 to study. He said he will cherish it and study the verse in his Bible.

At home later the same day, a Radio Club President came to ask for a Bible, and I had the privileged of sharing the same verse in diagram in the cover of his new Bible and read together in Swahili, II Cor 5: 21, and after he prayed the sinners prayer and read the verse in Swahili, he said he would share all this with his children and his wife at home.

"For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him." II Cor. 5:21.

I had him write his name in the diagram in the cover of his Bible to confirm and keep for future reference with "June 11, 2014" by his name.

In His Service, Rich and Kathy 

                                    "My table is full, but my fields are empty,
                                      who will go and work for Him Today!"