Monday, May 12, 2014

A Missionary Journey into the  High Plateau of 

Fizi and Maniema jungle basin... out for the crocks and hypos!

Washing clothes in crock infested waters
Pastor Gregoir, one of four Radio Kahuzi journalists, made a 500 Km missionary journey through most of Fizi Territory, then into part of Maniema Province in 2013. Including the return trip, he traveled well over 1,000 Km.
Coming from the "Highways and Hedges"children 
and adults listen to Pastor Gregoir share the Gospel
Pastor Gregoir prayed and held meetings with tribal leaders who were in conflict over tribal boundaries and gold mining rights, etc..

Tribal Reconciliation Meetings

They had many meetings that led to reconciliation between Chiefs (Mwami-Kings), and their different tribes so they will now work together and develop their common ancestral territories in peace. Pastor Gregoir was encouraged by the leaders to pray and preach as he went among the villages.
National Park Rangers pose with Pastor Gregoir as he passed through the National Park and shared the Gospel and Words of Grace with the Park Rangers including many faithful listeners of Radio Kahuzi who recognized his voice and messages from the radio broadcasts.
He also sought out Hutu refugees in the market places and shared tracts in different languages. When they chose KinyaRwandan tracts he knew they were of Rwandan origin, and was able to set up meetings where special films would be presented with the same message we broadcast to help inform and persuade the Hutus that it is now safe, to return home to Rwanda in peace.
You may notice some Hutu don't want to have their picture taken as they are afraid of being forced to return to Rwanda. They have been in Congo since 1994 with a new generation being born, and have no idea as to the consequences, good or bad.

Hearing about reconciliation with God 
and man and for the first time
The MONUSCO Commander was surprised that many of them stated that they listened to our messages over Radio Kahuzi but not through other radios, because they love and trust Radio Kahuzi.

"I will make you fishers of men."
Gregoir shared the Gospel while he taught the children how to fish with a hook and line.

We trust this will give you a small idea of what happens 500 miles from Bukavu as each day our shortwave transmitter broadcasts the Good News in various languages to second generation Hutu rebel families just as the old hymn reminds us, “Whosoever will, whosoever will,”Send the proclamation over vale and hill; ’Tis a loving Father, calls the wanderer home: “Whosoever will, may come.”

Keep Looking Up!
Richard and Kathy McDonald

Phase I nears completion of first and second floor exterior broadcast sound studios.
P.S. Slow but steady progress is happening on the new Radio Kahuzi studio. The workers are preparing to pour the cement roof on the second floor. We will need about $5,000 to complete the interior and sound proof acoustics to begin day to day broadcasting of the Gospel at our new location, (which will be rent-free) just a block away from our current studio in Bukavu.
Danny, Pastor Gregoir, Kathy, Rich Feza, Samuel
Our goal is to have Phase I completed by this August, so that the McDonalds can begin vacating the current property and make the move to expand the ministry into Rwanda and the African Great Lakes. Your prayers and assistance will be greatly appreciated. Pray for a smooth transition while continuing to maintain our daily operation of Radio Kahuzi in Bukavu by our competent, well-trained staff. The photo above represents almost 91 years of combined wartime radio broadcasting experience.

We are also excited about our newest radio partner...The Moody Church with Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer’s daily 15-minute program, “Running to Win”. You can check out their programming at    "Running to Win"

God bless you as you continue partnering with BESI and Radio Kahuzi. 
May He multiply the fruit of our labor together in the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

                                 Richard in 5th grade

Happy Birthday, Rich, (5/2) 
Sure hope you and Kathy can take a well-deserved break from your 22 years of broadcasting to look back over your 70 years lived so well! 

What an adventure!

A long way off from our growing up years in Grampian, PA. Who could have guessed that our little brother would go so far around the world...42 years of service in Congo! Congrats! and many more.

With all our love and more prayers,

Barb and Smitty       Sounds of Radio Kahuzi