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Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving in Africa

Dear Friends of BESI / Radio Kahuzi,

Thanksgiving and Christmas are almost here! Where do we start in remembering those special times, but I guess it would be good to start at the beginning.

First, we thank the Lord for dying on the cross for our sin and for giving us eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. We thank the Lord for His Word and for the Holy Spirit who makes clear the mystery of His grace by rightly dividing the Word of Truth, so that we can clearly understand the Scriptures!

We thank the Lord for all the loved ones in our lives who showed us the way to walk in the Spirit from the beginning.

We Praise the Lord for our Grandparents who made it possible for Freddy and Milly Bahler in the early 1940’s to accept the call to become missionaries to the Belgian Congo.

A special thank you to Grandma Bahler, who would save some of her chicken sales money to help out the young Bahler couple as they attended Mr. Baker's evening Bible classes, were married, and attended Moody Bible Institute before going to the Congo.

Years later, they helped in a big way to keep the family and ministry going on themission field. Praise to our Heavenly Father!

So many of our loved ones who helped Rich and me start off our lives as missionaries have gone on to be with the Lord, but their help keeps living on and on in the lives of so many.
We praise our Lord for our fathers and mothers, uncles and aunts, cousins, brothers and sisters, church family, pastors and friends, and some folks that we didn’t even know, who helped and continue to help with the ministry that the Lord laid on the hearts of His children, to carry out His plans.

(Fred & Millie - 1945 / Faith & Ward McDonald - 1958 to right)

Because of the Radio Kahuzi ministry, we are encouraged over and over again through the testimony of folks that tell us how the Word has impacted their lives since the beginning in 1992.

Just last week a young couple were walking by, and the young man started looking and pointing into our yard; and since I didn’t know him, I asked if I could help them. He said he was showing his girl friend where Radio Kahuzi was, and was surprised that it was still here, and the antennas were still here.

He was really pleased, as he was a little kid during the war years here. He told us he remembered listening to Radio Kahuzi all the time, and he seemed so pleased that we were still on the air.

Presidential Visitor's Press Card for Radio Kahuzi

It is hard to believe we’re looking forward to another Presidential election (Nov, Dec, & Jan) and that it’s been five years since the first one! We’re praying for the Lord’s will in the coming days, for wisdom and compassion to all who are elected in the government.

As Christmas is just around the corner we have started to decorate the house. It is my favorite time of the year. The sermons and music from Radio Kahuzi won’t let anyone forget what a special holiday it is!

With love and gratitude to each one for the gifts and prayers to keep Radio Kahuzi on the air!

With Thanksgiving…Keep Looking Up!
In His Love and Service to reach the next generation,
Richard & Kathy McDonald
Our BESI / Radio Kahuzi Board of Directors
And Harold and Barbara Smith

Radio Kahuzi Staff

I GIVE you thanks, O God, for those who mean so much to me—Those to whom I can go at any time.

Those with whom I can talk and keep nothing back, knowing that they will not laugh at my dreams or my failures.

Those, in whose presence it is easier to be good--Those who by their warning have held me back from mistakes I might have made.

Above all, I thank you for Jesus Christ, Lord of my heart and Savior of my soul, in whose Name I offer with thanksgiving. --William Barclay (adapted)


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