Thursday, September 22, 2011

2010 In Review - Catching up!

We have a little catching up to do! On February 9th our blogger, Barbara Smith, was admitted to the hospital and later on February 28th had to have three stints implanted to correct a blockage of 99.9% in the main artery!

So here we are six months later and playing catch up. There is always so much happening on the field it is hard to keep up with it all. If you are reading this you must be one of those special people with a large appetite for world news that you don't get from the cable. Read on.

To our Wonderful BESI / Radio Kahuzi Partners,

Kathy and I want to express our great appreciation for your faithfulness in 2010!

On December 16, 1972, 38 years ago, Kathy and I began our new life together as young missionaries. For me, I had to learn a whole new language and a new way of thinking in a new culture. After so many years it is hard to remember any other life but in Africa.

It is also hard to believe that 18 years ago, Christmas Eve of 1992, we were airing our very first broadcast on Radio Kahuzi.

During this past year of 2010 our Lord has comforted us, and shown us His Great Love and Sustaining Grace through our partnership with you. We are so thankful to be part of a ministry that preaches the Word of an abundant life in Christ to fellow-believers in the Body of Christ, and reaching out to those still in darkness here in the heart of Africa.

Pray with us as we continue to trust the Lord Jesus

Christ for the future expansion of this work, and seek His Wisdom and Guidance for the way forward.

2009 – 2010 was a time of hindrance with continuing military and political instability and lack of security throughout the region. We struggled with questions regarding technical details in placing new repeater sites with solar panels and battery storage to power FM Translators in distant territories some 500 miles from Bukavu.

Meanwhile, the Lord has encouraged us with many FM radio stations volunteering to rebroadcast our different programs in the four provinces where they are! This has been a real shot in the arm for us, as many of these stations are in the center of present day military confrontations. This gave us the means of giving radios to the combatants and getting the Gospel to them in FM as well as short-wave.

This cooperation allowed us to increase our radius of outreach across the heart of Africa, with listeners now calling in by cell phone from Bukavu and as far as Kinshasa over 1,000 miles from Bukavu.

However, our dream to reach and penetrate the valleys between the mountains with a clearer signal on FM is still ahead of us. This will still require the installation of the 10 FM Cornerstone repeaters on specific mountaintops as there remain thousands down in the deep valleys who do not own shortwave radios, but may have FM radios. WE MUST REACH THEM!

So looking back over 2010, here are the highlights:

· Kathy and I traveled home February 9 through March 18 to attend the National Religious Broadcaster’s Convention.
Radio Kahuzi was awarded the
2010 NRB Media Award for International Impact, and presented on March 1. We are humbled and honored and received it on behalf of you and your family who have helped to make this ministry possible.

Kathy and I also received a beautiful bronzed microphone as the recipients of HCJB Global’s “Timothy” Award. We spoke at HCJB’s International Luncheon and were interviewed by past president, Ron Cline and current president, Wayne Pederson.

· We met with Allan McGuirl, (recipient of the NRB Lifetime Achievement Award) retired President of Galcom International, and new President, Tim Whitehead, at the NRB convention to learn about their new FM Cornerstone equipment and renewed our dream to plant one on each of ten (10) mountains in D R Congo.

· We learned about Facebook and blogs, which are a tremendous treat for us. You can find our links at

· We met with folks from MegaVoice at the NRB Convention and learned about their digital Audio Bible. Later in the year, Charles Cibene, CEO, MegaVoice contacted us from Tiberus, Israel to begin a new partnership with a donation of (800) of the FM Ambassador units, which combines a Galcom radio with a MegaVoice Audio Bible Player.

· Amazing new technology: Also, included in the shipment is a gift called a Scribe: Create your audio production anywhere in the world and load it onto waiting NGP or FM Ambassadors. Bible translation projects, New Testaments, complete Bibles, Bible stories, discipleship training, church planting, evangelism and other subjects are secure on the MegaVoice NGP Ambassador.

· (Photo: Dr Dobson approaching Richard to shake hands and say thank you.)

We met with Focus on the Family personnel and made plans to continue receiving their international materials even though Dr. Dobson was stepping down.

· Though our radio staff had been reduced to three, the work of Radio Kahuzi has continued to blossom in 2010 and bring better tools and technology to get the job done. Our team in Bukavu received new programs and equipment to make the transition completely into digital recording, editing, and broadcasting. Please remember to pray for the teachers and training needed.

· Lord willing, we will soon receive another 1,000 GALCOM solar fix-tuned short wave receivers to fortify the outreach further and further into the jungles and mountains. Over 15,500 have already been distributed.

· New Programming: Dr. Charles Stanley’s “In Touch” ministries.

· Seven new languages / dialects doubling our outreach to include: English, French, African French, Swahili, Kinyarwandan, Llingala, Mashi, Kikongo, Kibembe, Kilega, Kiluba, Luganda, Masaai. As well as Mandarin and Russian on the MegaVoice Audio Bible distributed to UN Soldiers. Photo to right: Chinese doctor receives Galcom shortwave.

· Met with the new Governor at his mansion and had the honor of offering prayer and presenting seven Galcom radios, and a Swahili Scofield Bible.

· Richard attended and broadcast portions of a conference regarding violence against women. The First Lady, Mrs. Kabili, was the keynote speaker.

· David Aldous, Media Productions, London, England approached us at NRB and offered his voice over services, free of charge, after meeting Richard and Kathy and hearing some of their story. The voice over with music is complete and we are preparing to add video. Lord willing, we will have it completed in time to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of BESI on March 11, 2011 and provide a copy of “The McDonald Story” to our partners.

· The New Year brought an offer from Aurora Ministries to provide “Audio Bibles for the Blind” including the shipping. They also gave permission to broadcast portions of their “International Children’s Bible” Narrated by David Carlson with TWR and a dear friend of the Smith’s. Photo: David and Flo Carlson.

· Such a small world…Nancy Woolnaugh, former missionary with HCJB and professor of Harold and Barbara Smith at Toccoa Falls College assisted David in the recording production. We are definitely “fitly joined together” in the Body of Christ.

The Lord’s blessings are new every morning. May we continue to be FAITHFUL, as our LORD is always FAITHFUL and keeps us going!

Keep Looking Up!
Rich & Kathy McDonald

Harold & Barbara Smith

Current Projects:

Property / Housing / Studio: $250,000 / Designated to date: $3,875

FM Cornerstone Project / Phase I – 3 units: $10,000 / Designated to date: $4,250

McDonald’s need a car – current car over 20 years old: $17 - $20,000