Friday, October 15, 2010

Expanding Our Programming to 14 Dialects / Languages

A carton of CDs of Dr. Charles Stanley's "In Touch" messages in seven languages (Swahili, African French, Kikongo, Kinyarwandan, Luganda, Masaai, and Mandarin) arrived at our door yesterday. This brings our total dialects / languages to fourteen.

We began broadcasting the program in African French at 11:00 a.m. alternating days with Kikongo. We will begin broadcasting Swahili in the afternoon at 3:30 p.m., alternating with Kinyarwanda each day of the week.

We need to study how and when to introduce Luganda (possibly at 7:30 p.m.), which is spoken in the North on the border with Uganda; and Masaai of Kenya and Mandarin (used by the Chinese working in DRC), which are not languages of the DRC. We will present CDs and tracts in Mandarin to the UN Medical team here, which are Chinese.

We do thank "In Touch" and REJOICE that we did not have to pay the $200 customs requested in Kinshasa, and that the programs will now be effectively used in our outreach to most of the Eastern D R Congo in FM and SW broadcasts.

Thank you for all your love and prayers for us!! Praise the Lord we can still give out the Word through Radio Kahuzi, churches, and personal testimonies!

May we continue to be FAITHFUL! And, our LORD is FAITHFUL and keeps us going. It is HIS FAITHFULNESS that keeps us!

Keep Looking Up! In His Love,
Richard & Kathy McDonald

Another Thousand Radios!

Galcom continues to be a wonderful partner in ministry and recently offered us another 1,000 radios without charge, except for the shipping.

400 SW worth $8,000;
600 FMs worth $12,000, total value $20,000.

Can you imagine! This will bring our total to 16,500 with a total value of $330,000 through the generosity of Galcom International!

A New Way to Listen to Radio Kahuzi
One of my friends told me that her grandson just loves to listen to Radio Kahuzi. She came by one day to ask me if I could give her another radio as her grandson needed two radios.

I had already given him one of the Galcom FMs and now he wanted a little red short wave radio. I asked her why he needed two radios.

She told me that when he rides his bike he has the little radio hooked onto his handlebars, but now he needed two, so that he could have stereo quality while he rides his bike!

Just another way to listen to Radio Kahuzi! He has grown into a fine young man and still loves to listen to Radio Kahuzi.

Aunt Kathy's Grace Notes

People are so hungry to hear the Word of God. it's as though a whole generation of people have been skipped over in time, since the wars in Congo.

Bible Schools and some means of Christian teaching fell off during the wars as the population was scattered about. Now, there's so much need for folks to hear the Word, to uplift their thoughts and Spirits, and to think on "things above," instead of just the terrible things that go on, over and over again!

A house is being built next door to us; and as they started the construction, of
course, I gave a couple Galcom radios to the "serious" men, the ones in charge. And then, as some of the bricklayers and cement mixers showed that they were serious about hearing the Word, we gave them a radio!

Now, during the day, the sermons and Christian music can be heard around the neighborhood as the men work on the houses being constructed!

The Word of God is being given out from the rooftops!
Reaching Hutu Rebels with Help
from Swedish UN Commander

Greetings from Bukavu!

Kathy and I are so thankful to be able to keep on keeping on, here in the D R Congo. Thank YOU to each one for continuing to help make this ministry possible.

We ask you to join us in prayer for an urgent need to purchase a building and property for the future stability of Radio Kahuzi.

Our Board of Directors agreed in our last board meeting to come before the Lord to ask Him for a sum "above and beyond all that we could ever ask or think.": $250,000. That sum could be raised with 250 partners sharing $1,000.

The board feels that it is imperative that we seek another property where we can grow into the future. Pray with us, please.

Otherwise, life here in Bukavu and the radio ministry continues to hum along "normally," for Africa.

However, outside of our gates life continues to be much harder for some villages in the mountains and the bush that are still having attacks by armed bandits and the Hutu rebels from Rwanda. When they need supplies, they go into the Congolese villages and loot and burn houses, and harm the women.

A few days ago I went by the MONUSCO HQ, just up the street from our broadcast studio. An old friend from Finland who had trained the Congolese police ten years ago had returned after five years absence. he now heads up a group of Peace Keepers north of Bukavu. He introduced me to the Swedish Commander of a five-man Peace Keeper team in the mountains of Kilembwe. He asked me to follow up with him on installing our FM repeaters at Kilembwe and other sites. he is frustrated with the fact that their efforts to communicate with the Hutu leave them still unreached with the message to help them find, choose and receive their peaceful return to their homeland.

A few weeks ago, he had just found a group of young Hutu military who would have been four years old when they came across the border in 1994; and when asked why they were not opting for their return, they said they were uninformed of any options or program that would allow, let alone, guarantee their safe return to Rwanda. They have now been repatriated peacefully!

So, he sees our SW and FM broadcasts would be a wonderful help, since the Hutu and other warring groups do listen to Radio Kahuzi. Praise the LORD! Pray for our follow through with both messages of reconciliation!

Pray that this pillaging and violence to women and children will somehow end and that they will receive Reconciliation, will go back to Rwanda where they can start over living "normally" once again. Now, they live in the mountain jungle and forests--not much hope for them except with the Lord's intervention into their lives--and possibly by the LORD's Wisdom and Grace, through Radio Kahuzi.

Many have gone back to Rwanda and have gotten their lives back together again. These are the same folks that left Rwanda in 1994 during the genocide. They fled over here to Congo Refugee camps where they were ministered to through Radio Kahuzi until the War of 1996, when they were chased into the jungle by the invading forces from Rwanda--so it's been a while!

Thank you for all your love and prayers for us!! These aren't easy days in the Congo, but seems like the whole world is going down fast. Praise the Lord we can still give out the Word through Radio Kahuzi!