Sunday, January 24, 2010


Our hearts go out to the survivors of the recent earthquake in Haiti. Our memories are still fresh with the terror of Sunday, February 3, 2008 and a 6.0 quake. We can empathize in a small way. What can compare with the magnitude of the loss of life.

We understand the fear in the hearts of the survivors in Haiti as we both experienced the same fear of being inside our home and radio studio as the after-shocks continued for weeks. We slept by the door on chairs or Kathy's preferred sleeping quarters--the car.

We, and our African staff, join you and others around the world in prayer for those still trapped and those with life threatening injuries and little help, along with the families of the victims and those un-accounted for. It is all beyond our comprehension. We all ask the question-why so much suffering? Only eternity will reveal to us the sovereignty of God through the devastation.

Radio Kahuzi
Shortwave in need of repair

We were granted permission to go back on the air on Thanksgiving Day but without our direct link to satellite, which provides daily news reports and special programming in Swahili and French live from America.

Details are still being worked out, but we know God is in control.

In the meantime, we experienced an equipment failure on the shortwave on January 15th. The FM is working fine.

Our wonderful friends at HCJB Global Technologies are coming to the rescue once again with a repair kit via DHL. Pray for a quick and safe delivery.

Such is life in Africa! "But we count it all joy for the prize that is set before us" as did our Lord Jesus Christ.

Providing for Widows and Orphans

On the 19th Victor came with Mama Odette to thank us for the rice and oil, etc., that she and seven other widows received for Christmas from Radio Kahuzi.

The photo is of our journalist, Pastor Gregoire, Pastor Victor and Odette. We also gave a Swahili Bible and baby blanket to each of the eight widows. Odette holds a precious shortwave radio to share with her radio club members.

These women maintain a large communal garden, growing food for the feeding program of the Kazaroho Health Center at Panzi.
The feeding program takes place at Bugabo, where they select the very malnourished from seven radio club communities to send to the famous Dr. Mukwege, a recent Peace Prize recipient at Panzi Hospital. There the children are treated, and released after their health is restored.

In recent years the wife of the Coordinator of Food for the Hungry has helped provide for the daily feeding of the children of these vulnerable families. She has returned to the States and indicated she may no longer be able to help. So we are in prayer for the Lord's wisdom and direction in the months ahead.

This, and some of the other clubs also assist victims of violence, which continues to be a terrible problem, with the different armed groups roaming the territories without constraint!

Here is a dear believer in Christ, smiling through the emotional scars and physical disability.

Yesterday I read an open letter from a well-know author who is trying to document and cope with the sexual violence here. Links to her writings appear in the side bar.

Pray for our testimony to these expats as well as the victims to whom we are trying to minister! We seek the LORD's solutions for the New Year and His Grace! Thank you for holding us up before the Lord in prayer.

Keep on Keeping On!
Richard & Kathy McDonald & our Radio Kahuzi Team

A Note from BESI / Radio Kahuzi President

There are so many voices crying for donations and we praise Him that there is much generosity being poured out for Haiti and beyond.

We hesitate to add our voice to the mounting cry. However, there is a need of approximately $7,900 to cover Rich and Kathy's flight home and housing in Feb/Mar. So far, we have received $2,280, leaving a balance of $5,620.

We mentioned in our last e-mail that they have won the NRB International Award for Media Impact with a presentation ceremony on March 1. You may read about this and other awards on the NRB website by clicking here. You can also read the winning nomination story on our website by clicking here.

May God bless you and your church family as you reach out to a lost and suffering world.

Keep Looking Up!

BESI / Radio Kahuzi

Dr. & Mrs. Frank Wright, President of NRB
with the Smiths in February 2002 in Nashville, TN