Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pastor Mutangi Enoci Paul home with the Lord

This morning, September 9, the Lord Graciously called our Pastor Mutangi Enoci Paul to his Reward, after more than 50 years of faithful pastoral service; he was 79 years old.

There was no way to preserve the body, so we had a Triumphant funeral service this afternoon.

This has to be a big mile stone for Radio Kahuzi, as Pastor Mutangi faithfully and humbly served our Lord with wonderful Bible teaching and spiritual guidance to his family, to his church, Radio Kahuzi, and to the population. We are all recovering from a long day; he is greatly appreciated and sincerely missed by all.

DR Congo Journalist Stabbed to Death

Greetings from Bukavu!

Kathy and I are very thankful for your prayer and your generous gifts to keep Radio Kahuzi going.

Pray for protection for our journalists and their families: Feza, Gregoir and Danny.

We are sure the appointments of the Lord are ordained. He is doing His Sovereign Work consistently every day. We are thankful He has been Faithful to keep Radio Kahuzi on the air, and to even strengthen us, to augment our outreach by adding weekday broadcasts from 6:30 to 10:10 PM that reach out even farther into Central Africa, despite the continued dangers after dark in the DRC as the following news report shows.

DR Congo journalist stabbed to death in (Bukavu)
Bruno Koko Chirambiza, a journalist working with private radio station, Star, was stabbed to death on Saturday 22 August in the town of Bukavu, eastern DR Congo, Radio France Internationale reported on 24 August.

According to the owner of the radio station, Pierre Pay Pay, quoted by RFI, it was a premeditated assassination since nothing was taken from the journalist.

Tshivis Tshivuadi, the secretary-general of DR Congo press freedom body, Journalist in Danger (JED), called on provincial authorities to "immediately investigate the exact circumstances of the murder and find those behind it so they can be brought to justice," UN-sponsored Radio Okapi website.

(ED Note: Sadly, he was buried immediately, without an autopsy or forensics.)

Bruno Koko Chirambiza is the third journalist murdered in the town of Bukavu in two years. (Source: Radio France Internationale, Paris.)

Today at 1:30 PM we had a text message from Dr. Christine BUSHIRI praising the Lord for our programs, and greeting his family in distant villages in another province. The doctor said he was listening to Radio Kahuzi in Kinshasa on the West coast of the DR Congo, (well over 1,000 miles) with a 4 over 5, good signal.

We praise the Lord for His help and protection over our equipment as just now I went to the studio to see why our signal decreased in quality; the sound was fuzzy. The output power had dropped off to zero! So, with a prayer for wisdom, I shut off the shortwave transmitter, decreased the output power, and started up again.

Thankfully, the Lord protected the system, and the transmitter kicked in and powered up, OK. We increased the output broadcast power to 1,000 watts, and the signal was crystal clear and clean again, not fuzzy! Praise the Lord!

The electricity has surged several times today, and has been off several days this week. We were forced to use our generator several days when President Kabila was here and when Secretary of State, Clinton, was here to launch a new initiative. Much has begun.

We broadcast the opening ceremonies for a workshop with the Provincial government to show the new leaders how to write legislation, check the books of the Governor, look out for the women and children, etc.

Keep Looking Up!
Love in Christ,
Richard and Kathy McDonald