Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April 2009

"And he saith unto them, Be not affrighted: Ye seek Jesus of Nazareth, which was crucified: he is risen; he is not here: behold the place where they laid him." Mark 16:6

Dear Friends of Radio Kahuzi,

Greetings in His Matchless Name!

His Amazing, Saving Grace is Free to All!
The task of reaching the millions who have not yet heard of His Amazing, Saving Grace cannot be done by one person, or one group alone. The Lord needs each one of us to function in "the unity of His body" to accomplish His task.
This elderly gentleman came by Radio Kahuzi to receive his free Go-Ye radio. From his village in the mountains he now has access to the outside world and to the Gospel in his own "heart language."

Partnering with Galcom International
We were pleasantly surprised to receive an offer we couldn’t refuse from our partners in ministry, Galcom International. Gary Nelson, Director of their USA offices in Tampa, FL requested Rich and Kathy return to the States to speak at their annual donor banquet with their assistance for the travel/hotel expenses.

Rich and Kathy were reluctant to leave the station so soon after their trip last year in July for eye surgery; however, our BESI Board of Directors felt that after eighteen long years without any physical check ups it was a good opportunity do it now.

We also feel obligated to assist Galcom in any way possible since, beginning in 1994, they have provided us with over 14,000 Go-Ye radios with a price tag of over $280,000, which they have raised from their donors.

Each year they have a banquet and invite all those interested in their ministry to join them in Tampa, FL for a banquet and to hear first-hand reports of how their contributions are helping others in missionary radio to reach the lost. They wanted to invite Richard and Kathy to speak to the friends of their ministry so that they can continue funding and manufacturing the little radios. The manufacturing part of the ministry takes place in Canada.

The banquet took place on Tuesday, March 17th at the Doubletree Hotel in Tampa, FL with over 200 in attendance. They were, of course, excited to hear the stories of God’s faithfulness through many dangers and trials as the McDonalds continue to distribute the Galcom FM and Shortwave radios throughout the region.
Rich and Kathy met with their Board of Directors and the couples that founded the Galcom USA offices along with the couple that founded the MegaVoice Bible.

We were excited to learn that plans are being made to join the two units so that the listener can listen to the fixed-tuned radio or listen to the Bible in his or her own “heart language” with one unit.

This is amazing! Please join us in prayer for this project to be completed soon so that these units can be placed into waiting hands and hearts.

According to Gary Nelson, this years' Galcom banquet attendees gave very generously and it was decided that the "love offering" will be designated to fund more radios pre-tuned to Radio Kahuzi's frequencies.

This was a complete surprise to Rich and Kathy and the BESI / Board of Directors. The step of faith to allow the McDonalds to make the trip this year has proved to be a blessing from the Lord in so many ways.

A Time to Weep...
Life is full of surprises and this trip home had a big one!

Rich and Kathy received word through Wayne and Phyllis Schoonover that Grace Smalley passed away. Grace grew up with Kathy's parents in Milwaukee and stood by Kathy's father, Fred, during the difficult years after they brought Fred home from Africa so very ill, and later, his home going in December 1995.

Fred made Rich and Kathy promise in 1991 that they would go back and remain at their post no matter what happened to him, which they were obedient to do.
Rich and Kathy were unable to return for Fred's funeral. They were in direct line of fire in a surprise attack in 1995 across Lake Kivu from Rwanda pictured in the distance. The former, Zairian army set their guns up on the hill in the foreground responding to incoming mortars from Rwanda. They escaped in the dark of night on the fourth night of shelling. The house was hit on all four sides by mortars; however, the transmitter was not damaged and their lives were spared after three harrowing nights on the floor!

They remained "at their post" without a break until 2007 (12 years of war) when they returned to the States to seek help for Richard's infected tooth and blood poison.

So, their decision to change their plans this week to attend Grace's funeral has a double purpose--an opportunity to grieve and rejoice for both Fred and Grace's home going and to visit with some of Kathy's remaining family.

A Note From the McDonalds
Greetings from Milwaukee, WI!

We are here for Grace Smalley's funeral. She was like a second MOM for Kathy and me, as she really looked out for Fred Bahler, while Kathy and I went back to the field to start the Radio Kahuzi ministry. She is so special!

We plan to be here till Tuesday, March 31. Pastor Takkinen and Linda have graciously invited us to overnight with them. Pastor Takkinen will be officating Grace's funeral service at Grace Bible Church in West Allis, WI.

Lord willing, on April 1, we will fly Milwaukee / Atlanta / Newport News, VA to speak to a group of folks arranged by Doris Baynes, one of our very first supporters in 1986. Doris is not in her 80s and still very active and excited to help in any way possible. She met a Mr. Johnson who builds solar panels and recently installed electricity for a church in Brazil. He has become very interested in our FM relay project to see if his solar panels could be a source of electricity for our project.

We will be at the Altoona Bible Church in Altoona, PA for their Mission Conference April 4 - 8 and on April 9 we leave Pittsburgh / Atlanta and on to Brussels / Kigali and Bukavu!

Keep Looking Up! And Keep on Keeping On!

In His Love,
Richard and Kathy

It is so amazing to realize how our dear, heavenly Father uses each of us in our place to further the ministry of the "Body of Christ" around the world.

Thank you for helping us with this great task. You are important to our Heavenly Father’s plan and together we can accomplish so much.

Above is a photo of Richard distributing Go-Ye shortwave radios to soldiers from India and Russia at UN headquarters during the war.

"So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it."
Isaiah 55:11.

Until He Appears in the Heavens for us…
…Keep Looking Up!
Harold Smith, President