Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bukavu Residents Breath A Sigh of Relief- But For How Long?
‘Butcher of Bukavu’
Laurent Nkunda held for war crimes after allies lose patience
Times Online Fri, 23 Jan 2009 1:48 PM PST
Laurent Nkunda, the feared Congolese warlord, was under arrest in Rwanda and awaiting extradition on war crimes charges yesterday after fleeing a joint offensive by the two nations against his rebel headquarters in the heart of the Congolese jungle.

We received an invitation to a special ceremony on January 19, 2009. The Minister of Defense came to Bukavu to install UMIR, the Rapid Intervention Medical Unit.
Richard presented to the Governor and his wife at their residence

An interesting side note: Almost twenty years ago, the Minister of Defense (no photo) personally carried one of our initial requests to Kinshasa to receive recognition by the African government for Believer's Express Service, Inc. (BESI). Presidential recognition was given on April 26, 1990. The permission to broadcast was given on July 4, 1991. The Lord has been very gracious!

While at the meeting I met General Dunia who requested more Galcom radios to take to the military in question there in Fizi territory.

Officer Ambushed
Radio Kahuzi Journalist and Family Pinned Down

That same evening one of the officers in the photo with Richard was going to his home near Gregoir's house, after the celebration.

The officer was ambushed by a group of soldiers as he reached his door about 1 AM. He grabbed hold of the assassin by his belt and shot him; however, he was also shot in the chest and died.

Meanwhile, Gregoir, his wife, Madelena and children spent the night on the floor listening to all the shooting. Later, when he thought it was safe, Gregoir was the first to arrive at the scene of the ambush. Four hours after the shooting the military and police arrived to check on the situation.

The officer was still holding the dead assassin by his belt. Since the other attackers did not disfigure their cohort before leaving, they were able to identify him and the group responsible. Hopefully, they will put them all out of business. Maybe they are responsible for some of the other similar episodes in Bukavu, especially on that street.

We appreciate your prayer for protection over Gregoir and our BESI / Radio Kahuzi team

Congolese Officials Taken Hostage
Congo-Kinshasa: South Kivu - Alan Doss Visits Bukavu Wed, 28 Jan 2009 10:09 AM PST
Alan Doss, Special Representative of the UN Secretary General in the DRC, paid a work visit to South Kivu provincial capital Bukavu on Tuesday 27 January 2009, to evaluate the security situation in South Kivu province, in connection with two principal matters: the hostage taking of two Congolese officials by a militia group, and the need to protect civilians in the context of the Rwanda / DRC combined clean up effort of the armed groups in North & South Kivu Provinces.”...

While the meeting mentioned above preceded, I returned to the studio and asked Gregoir to make a special personal plea to the hostage takers, to free the two high authorities -- as we are rather sure they are listening to our broadcasts, and, hopefully, would be sympathetic to Gregoir’s persuasion.

Danny, our other journalist stayed and recorded the meeting / discussions and a press conference before and after the meeting for rebroadcast to all concerned.

Danny with wife, Magadju and son, Elvi

Please pray for the hostages' safe return, and a return to stability in the province and, of course, the more important messages of Peace with God and the Peace of God that Radio Kahuzi continues to broadcast each day!

Kathy's Note
"Richard and I appreciate your prayers so very much. These times aren't easy, but we have the Joy of the Lord through it all. We are so thankful for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ who came to this ugly world to save us all from our sin. And, He must be coming soon! Glorious Day!

"In the meantime, we keep on keeping on and keep faithful in Christ's Strength, not our own!

"With much love and thanksgiving for all your prayers and help to us and the radio ministry!!"

President's Note
Your gifts allow Rich and Kathy to reach out a helping hand in many ways as folks come by the station each day with a multitude of illnesses and tragic needs of every kind. The gentleman on his knees is kneeling by necessity--you see, he uses the flip-flops on his hands as he has no feet--he walks on all fours. We cannot heal his physical deformity, but we can pray for him and provide Wonderful Words of Life through Radio Kahuzi. (Photo above: Rich and Kathy with one of our many Radio Clubs for the Disabled.)

May God bless you and your family through these "perilous times" so that you can be a blessing to the world through every means possible.

"...I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some."
I Cor. 9:22.

Keep Looking Up!
Richard and Kathy McDonald
Harold and Barbara Smith
and our BESI / Radio Kahuzi Team