Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 2008

“Therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of thee
shall be called the Son of God.” Luke 1:35 b

“His life is the Highest and the Holiest entering in at the Lowliest door.
Our Lord’s birth was an advent.” Oswald Chambers

Dear Friends of Radio Kahuzi,

Christmas! It is a day to remember His Gift to us. It is a day to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. There is no other news worth broadcasting. It is the only Good News that is worth investing our time, energy and resources to proclaim and we thank you for choosing to partner with us to make it possible.

On November 26th with all the frustrations of the day, we were given an opportunity to share the Good News with two ladies who traveled a long distance from the mountains. They were seeking help with the ongoing problem of violence against women and children in their territory.

We introduced them to one of our journalists who told them about several agencies in Bukavu working toward the same goal of helping these women shunned by husbands and family because they have been violated.

They also asked for radios and Gospels of John, which bring the “Balm in Gilead,” healing for the troubled mind and broken spirit with an eternal blessing, the Prince of Peace.

We had a good day Nov. 12th as we had just received the very appreciated (beautiful red) 1,000 Galcom, short wave, solar charging radios, and I stopped by the Monuc headquarters to look for my missing umbrella. Their Security Officer was happy to see me, and asked for more radios. He had tested his out in many places in his travels to visit their troops.

Last year the Security Officer, personally, introduced me to the head of the Chinese medical forces at their hospital, where I presented a nice red radio and tracts in Mandarin, English, Swahili, and French.
The Chinese Doctor / Commander then requested more radios so his medical staff could listen and learn English via Radio Kahuzi programming. Mission accomplished!

Today the Security officer said there would be more Chinese needing radios, and when I got home I found the rest of the story in my Yahoo mail box, as detailed in China’s Peoples’ Daily Online article dated November 13, 2008…

“A contingent of Chinese peacekeepers arrived in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) Wednesday for an eight-month UN peacekeeping mission. The 218-strong group, comprised of both engineers and medical staff, constitutes the ninth peacekeeping team from China to be sent to the African country. The soldiers, to be stationed in Bukavu, a city in eastern DRC, underwent intensive training before their departure. The engineering troops will be engaged in constructing water and power facilities, building roads and maintaining airports.” Source: Xinhua

We recently found a link to a web site offering the New Testament in Mandarin on cassette recording! We also found with the NT in digital format. Pray for His direction and provision, as we may be able to develop a Bible reading outreach parallel to the radio in several other foreign languages by cassette/digital – if we are not allowed to broadcast them from Bukavu. But, with your prayer, we might get permission to even broadcast sections of the Scriptures to our Chinese visitors to the DRC.

Journalist Shot Dead in DRC: November 22, 2008
This headline confirms to us why I was broadcasting that night, and each Monday & Friday nights instead of our journalists – so they don’t have to go home after dark!

I talked to Didace Namujimbo in his Radio Okapi office at MONUC headquarters that week; that is about one block from Radio Kahuzi. He left work about the time I went off the air at 10 PM. He was assassinated as he approached his home, leaving his wife and two children. On 13 June 2007 the same fate befell Serge Mahwshe, also an Okapi broadcast editor.

The week before, our administrative aide (who also takes care of our local taxes) left his pharmacy at 10 PM to return home 1 ½ blocks off the main street. As he neared his home, he heard a gun bolt engage, and a neighbor lady yelled his name. He dashed into her gate to safety. He was accompanied by his watchman, who was unfortunately, killed. A young man coming down the next street heard the shot and began to run, but was also killed by another gunman on the corner. We are thankful we can continue our evening broadcasts without leaving our home.

Please pray for God’s protection over our Radio Kahuzi journalists, Feza, Gregoir, and Danny along with all the journalists and the population in South and North Kivu Province, as some describe Eastern D R Congo as the worst situation in the world these days.

We continue to train young people as communicators of the Gospel. (Photo: Many young people like Eddy Bahati, living in DaresSalaam, Tanzania help us deliver radios. Danny, our newest journalist in training, interviews Eddy about his recent trip.)

As we celebrate our 36th Wedding Anniversary on Dec 17th, Kathy and I are thankful to be here along with our faithful staff where the Lord is working and allowing us to keep on keeping on.

With Grace and Blessing to each one for a Thankful Season!
Keep Looking Up!
Richard and Kathy McDonald
And our BESI / Radio Kahuzi Team

From the President
Our prayer for you and your loved ones as we labor together is that you will be a BLESSING TO EACH OTHER AND TO THE WORLD!

Until He Appears in the Heavens for us…
…Keep Looking Up!
Harold Smith