Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving 2008

“Remembering without ceasing, your work of faith and labour of love, and patience of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ, in the sight of God and our Father.” I Thess. 1:3

Dear Friends of Radio Kahuzi,

As we meditated on these words this afternoon in our missionary Bible Fellowship after hearing the evening headlines: “Thousands Flee Heavy Congo Fighting” about 100 miles north of us, we praised the Lord together that He is forever FAITHFUL!

The Lord has given us so many “special tools” for His ministry so that we can communicate the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ that were never available in other ages.

One such tool was the gift of 5,000 wonderful Galcom solar, recharging shortwave radios packed and shipped to Bukavu in 1994--over 14 years ago. It was hard to understand back then why they were sitting in storage in Lubumbashi so far away. But God’s timing is always perfect.

Kathy giving out the last of the 5,000 radios received from Galcomm.

Praise the Lord, we’re giving out the last of the little blue Go-Ye radios! All of the original 5,000 have been given out! It’s been a step-by-step journey as each little radio was cleaned, new batteries recharged and put inside; checking for the signal to be sure each radio worked well, and then making sure each solar panel worked to recharge the batteries for the years ahead. Then, one by one; ten by tens, they are given out at the gate, and hand-carried into the jungle to small villages, and to be distributed throughout the country. It’s been quite the blessing!

This week we were blessed to receive “Thank You” messages from villages near Goma where the confrontations are taking place; from Kinshasa, the Capitol City 1650 kilometers to the west; Lubumbashi 1050 km to the south and Kisangani 500 km to the north to only mention a few!

Military and civilians are responding to the messages and programs designed to encourage peace in the land, and especially to bring the Prince of Peace into their hearts. “…That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith" Eph. 3:17

Gregoire, our journalist, interviewing Lt. Col. Apolosa regarding his joy at receiving the radios for his troops.

For us, Thanksgiving 2008 is a time to remember all God has brought us through! It has been more than we could ever have dreamed in our wildest imaginations! It started off in February with a major earthquake, that most of us will never forget. All the after-shocks were really nerve rattling. “What time I am afraid, I will trust in Thee.” We did trust in Him and He brought us through safely with no losses among our radio staff or equipment. Thank you Father!

Another major event of 2008, for which we continue to lift up grateful hearts was Richard’s eye surgeries! Just knowing that the retinas were OK from the 1983 accident, and having the rapid forming cataracts removed was a HUGE RELIEF! The fact that Richard now has 20/20 vision is an unbelievable gift. Thank you Father! And, thank you to all of you for making the trip possible.

In between the two eye surgeries we flew to Elkhart to meet with Mike Axman and other engineering planners. We are always treated as family and were invited to speak to their staff and to share how their partnership with BESI / Radio Kahuzi continues to impacted Africa.

Rich and Kathy speak at HCJB during their visit home this past summer.

We also were refreshed and blessed as we attended the GGF Family Bible Conference in Boston July 4-6. We had opportunity to visit and share at seven churches in VA, PA, NJ, NY, and OH renewing old friendships and making many new ones. Thank you Father!

Since returning home to Bukavu there have been many up and downs, but we are ever mindful of God’s love and protection through the turbulence and we press on.

Sadly, on Monday, Oct 20, 2008, we suffered a double loss of our FM 250 and FM 200T, with a hard and sudden hit to 3,000 volt electric lines a block away either by sabotage or an act of God.

In the morning Danny experienced the first. Replacing fuses did not hold for more than a second or two. So it was hard to determine anything. The strong odor of smoke assured us something was burned inside. The Short Wave was seemingly untouched. Thank you Father! And we even got an SMS listener's report with good reception at about 11:30 AM from the far distant Lubumbashi after going back on the air with only Short Wave.

In the afternoon I installed the FM 200T and took readings and looked for physical signs inside the FM 250. All I could see was the burned piece that was loose inside the transmitter.

When I went on for my four hour broadcast that evening, I had no indication anything had happened, but suddenly saw four red leds, except the one in the middle for Input. Before I could cut the power, the smoke had begun from the bottom of the transmitter!

Mike Axman was contacted and repair parts were hand-carried by our missionary friend, Tom, who just happened to be making a trip this week. Thank you Father! Pray for Richard to be able to make the repairs.

Last, but not least, Galcom shipped a gift of another 1,000 Short Wave radios just as we have exhausted our supply. Thank you Father! However, they are sitting in Kigali, Rwanda with our importer, as it is not safe to transport through Goma where the fighting continues. God is in control…Thank you Father!

Keep Looking Up!
Rich and Kathy McDonald
Harold Smith, President

Phone: 760.598.1190

Monday, November 3, 2008

FM Repaired!!

Richard called at 4 am Bukavu time (about 9 pm our time) to let us know he was successful in using the parts hand-carried from HCJB's engineer, Mike Axman, by our dear friend, Tom. Rich worked about 3 hours, turned it on and voila! He is on this evening with his own four-hour shift of programming. We are praying that he will also have good success in repairing the second burned out FM, which was his backup.

All efforts are being made to reach those in the combat zones to the north with a message from the Prince of Peace, our Lord Jesus Christ. We are praying for the Peace of God and Peace with God to rule in the hearts of all men.

Please join us in fervent prayer for all concerned.