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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Big Happy Birthday Kathy

Hi Kathy,

Trusting you were able to take time today to celebrate another birthday in Congo. Here you are singing your own song of life long before you ever dreamed of a Richard, or reaching thousands of souls through missionary radio, or a home in Rwanda to reach even more. May the Lord fill your heart with JOY at all that He has done! HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KATHY.

With all our love and more prayers,
Barb and Smitty

Monday, July 4, 2016

Assassinations on the Rise!

 Driveway entrance to our new home in Rwanda. The adjoining property on the right is being renovated for a new owner who plans to have a Guest House and Restaurant.

It was a beautiful sunny day this afternoon, as I took another load across to Kamembe (the new name for Cyangugu) . I finished our new metal bed frames for our new home in Rwanda!

Yesterday was different; I froze at sunset, with an ocean-like wind and spray / mist coming off Lake Kivu, as I tried to replace the gate lock mechanism, that kept jamming in a locked position. Turns out the holes are poorly aligned on the metal gate and put stress on the movable parts, so I had to give up, until I can re-drill the holes in the door frame.

I must have gotten a chill, as the night and morning came with cold symptoms, so I'm glad that was not repeated today - with a huge full moon, the only light we had when I got back to Bukavu, but SNEL finally did come back, and our lights did come on, just now. Kathy said they were off and on all afternoon and exploded some of our light bulbs!

It will be so good to be there in Rwanda with Kathy, hopefully
Monday or Tuesday, as things do work there. Pray for our final push to get our big items moved with a large truck! I have stayed in Rwanda some nights to work on the house and to establish our "presence" to complete our residence-visas, but then decided to stay with Kathy in Bukavu for safety.

Recently, there have been a number of assassinations around Bukavu. Even the lawyer who helped BESI with our plans and building of our new Bukavu studio was assassinated!   
Last week the Security Council passed a resolution that allowed the immunity of even government officials to be made null, and void, if they have been involved in violence and murder that amounted to "war crimes."

We have sooo much to be thankful for, and especially we want to thank you for your prayers and support to help us keep on keeping on!! The Lord truly is using you to keep Radio Kahuzi on the air seven days a week! Eternity will tell!

In the meantime, we do have a wonderful story to share of how the radio is impacting lives in this part of the world, and especially now, we are hearing of how the broadcasts helped folks years ago, when we first started the broadcast network, when we were the only Christian station.

One of the men that works with us told us what his wife recently revealed to him. His wife told him that her father (who is now a Pastor) was a real idol worshiper in his younger days. Many here in the mountain villages worship spirits associated with various idols placed here and there on the hill sides, and even have the ritual of putting food in front of them to keep the spirits happy.

Our worker himself committed a traumatic life-changing faux-pas on the way home from school, when he was very young! He and a friend were hungry and ate the food that had been dedicated to an idol. His family found out and banned him from his home and village, and he was raised by others. But, he began listening to Radio Kahuzi.

His wife shared that her father had nine wives, which is a common custom among these idol worshipers. He had no idea that it was wrong! But, one day he heard Radio Kahuzi playing in his house and he told them to turn it off when the sermons came on, but he did like to hear the music, so that was OK.

Pastor Enoki Paul
One day, the radio happened to be on when Pastor Enoki Paul was preaching (in Swahili) on marriage and the special relationship between husband and wife, like Christ and the Church. So he started listening to the Radio Kahuzi broadcasts, and eventually accepted the Lord as His Personal Savior!!

He then proceeded to throw out all the idols, and gave his extra wives their liberty to be free of his illegal marriage bonds. And if they chose that path, he would give them some cows and money to help them get started in their new lives. He also witnessed to them each until all of them got saved!! That was his wish -- for all nine wives. And they each put their trust in the Savior, Jesus Christ! Even now, some of them are worshiping faithfully in several different local churches.

Today, this man who was steeped in carnal, pagan ways is a Pastor, witnessing and preaching!! What an amazing story of what the Holy Spirit has been doing -- not just impacting lives in the present time, but the Spirit started years ago, as He opened the air-waves to the Gospel ! That's the neat thing about the Word of God, it never returns unto Him void !!!

All the Praise goes to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ !!!

We also are truly blessed to have you all helping us with this special ministry!

Thank you for praying for us, too, as we do for you all, also !

With Grateful Hearts,

Photo: Kathy and Rich thin and tired after a week in hiding during the first invasion in 1996. Was it worth it? Yes, and again, YES!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Kathy enjoying fellowship with her African friends under Pastor Mutangi's  BEOBAB tree. Kathy was born in Bujumbura, Burundi and has spent nearly all her life in Congo. Kathy reads and writes in French and is fluent in Swahili.

Just sat down to write you, and the lights went out.  Good thing the Apple computer that Mark Neil gave us last year has back-lite keys! 

It's evening here, we had a good day of broadcasting the Word and played good Christian music, so folks were fed in the inner man. There are many new cults that have invaded Bukavu, so we're thankful that we can give out the Word, Rightly Divided!!

When we get down to the lowest point  (no water, no gas, no moving, etc.) in this moving thing, then, the Lord shows us that He's finding a way for us to keep on keeping on!!  Your standing with us in prayer and finances keeps us moving ahead.

We have another load of chairs, boxes of dishes, blankets, bed frames, etc., to take over to the Cyangugu, Rwanda house, and we're sooo thankful that we have this alternative, as the water and electricity just keep getting worse and worse in Bukavu. There are just too many people that have moved in from the jungle areas, as they want security from the different rebel groups, and they are willing to live in the city even in the rough, instead of facing the dangers every night in the jungle.

The Range Rover is working out really well now, to haul the boxes because it's wider than the Toyota, and the Toyota's tailgate window won't open. Also, the Rover rides much better. Rich even got his bed frames in, so that was good as he has been sleeping in a hammock at the house in Rwanda.

We're concentrating on packing the most important goods into
boxes and getting them over to the new place, so if there's trouble here with the "mansion" built on our antenna site next door, we can move off for a while, until the two "landlords / owners" get their act together, or fight it out in the courts. It was sold and later the children of the family decided they didn't want to sell the lot. In the meantime, the company who "thought they had bought it" is being sued to tear down the "mansion" and vacate the property. So, you can see why we felt we had no choice but to build the new studio and find another place to live.

Yesterday, I bought angle iron and cut, drilled and  prepared some new bed frames for our house in Rwanda, as Kathy would not let me take the bed apart yet. I think I'll show some of our Radio Clubs these collapsible support rails, to put under a bed or box springs. Maybe they could produce and sell them locally to develop a small industry, as they are unknown and unavailable here. Lambert, and the welder, agreed he could teach them with a hack saw, a drill and a few bolts.
Friday, I was at the MONUSCO Communications office with John-Marie, one of their Comm. Techs., who is helping repair our FM Transmitter.  He went on line to HCJB Broadcasting / Engineering where our FM was made, and looked inside, to agree on what we needed to repair, because I did not want to order the whole RF Finals Module as I have several other times, as it would be about $800 plus, air freight, and a long delay from the States! I was sure of the one piece that needed to be replaced. Then he opened it up and unsoldered the RF Finals Transistor to replace it, after we tested it and isolated the problem.

He was surprised when I shared that I used to have to repair this part myself, regularly, because the original, prototype FM transmitter would overheated. He was able to find the piece locally with
another tech that regularly imports and provides parts for local radio and TV stations. He wants $350 for the piece and it is his last on hand, but that is better than being off the air too long for the repairs!

Your prayers and support are so humbling and help us continue on the air and reaching out to the youth of Bukavu. Young people continue to listen to Radio Kahuzi for spiritual strength to face their many daily hardships.

These two young girls came by to pick up radios and deliver bananas their mother finds long distances from home to sell to those who can buy.

The Lord continues to Super Abound in Grace to us, as Ephesians promises and we are learning about the "Power of The Resurrection" as we see the Holy Spirit coming along side when we need His intervention.

Ephesians 1: 8 - 10 Wherein he hath abounded toward us in all wisdom and prudence; Having made known unto us the mystery of his will, according to his good pleasure which he hath purposed in himself: That in the dispensation of the fulness of times he might gather together in one all things in Christ, both which are in heaven, and which are on earth; even in him:"

Rejoice with us as we celebrate 30 years of BESI ministry in Africa. We could not have completed these many years without your partnership in the Gospel.

With Grateful Hearts,

Friday, April 29, 2016

Exercising Holy Boldness and Faith in 1990

Mama Mobutu, Richard and President Mobutu w/bodyguard on April 24, 1990 
This is a picture of  "Holy Boldness and Faith"
considering they had no license, funding, radio training, or equipment.
"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."  Hebrews 11:1

 Dear Friends of BESI / Radio Kahuzi,

Kathy and I are truly grateful for your "Coming Along-side" us and the work of Grace these many years in His Appointed Timing!

It is interesting that local celebrations are praising President Mobutu today for his decision to end the "One Party State" and change Zaire's Constitution, exactly 25 years ago on April 24, 1991!

For Kathy and me, it began exactly one year earlier, when we shook
hands and the President asked, "Mr. McDonald, has my Cabinet Director answered your questions and helped you with your projects in Telecommunications?"

We thanked him and responded that they "pointed out that our projects are Impossible and Unconstitutional, since BESI is an American (foreign) association, and the government (OZRT, now RTNC, Radio and Television National) has a monopoly on all broadcasting and telecommunications."

President Mobutu replied, "Give me a copy of your BESI statutes, and
I'll see what we can do!" That was April 1990, exactly 26 years ago an Unconstitutional, an Impossible situation, after three years where we had (some would say, foolishly) worked our way up through all levels of the government, getting OK's, step by step to the top. But, suddenly... IMPOSSIBLE!

Richard laboring over radio application 3 yrs.
As God would have it, exactly one year later, in the Lord's timing, President Mobutu wrote and signed a Decree  on 26 April 1991, making BESI an American-Zairian Association, so that Fred Bahler, Pastor MUTANGI, Pastor YUMBA, and Richard & Kathy could develop BESI's telecommunications projects with it's cooperation for development.

Two days earlier, President MOBUTU announced changes to the Constitution to end the One-Party State and begin Multi-Party elections!

After these actions BESI was given the first private broadcasting license to open a National Network with four FM broadcast stations in the first two years: BEST Radio (Kahuzi) at Bukavu, Kinshasa, Bunia, and Rethy.

Later, by the Lord's Grace, BESI won a Supreme Court Decision to protect and guarantee Democratic Freedom of the Press for thousands of future radio and TV stations that began blossoming throughout the Congo with the Transitional Government. (Another story for another day)

Praise the LORD! Thank You Lord, for your Spirit's "Power of the Resurrection" that brought it all to pass!

With Love and Thanksgiving in our hearts to you all for Partnering with us and the Holy Spirit in His Amazing Work of Grace, 

Richard and Kathy McDonald

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Radio Kahuzi listener shares the Easter Story...

Dear Friends of BESI / Radio Kahuzi,

HOW IMPORTANT IS RADIO IN SHARING THE STORY OF JESUS and the CROSS? Christian radio becomes an instrument of intimate, private, one to one witness.

"How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher?"  Rom. 10: 14.

The following story illustrates the uniqueness of hearing the Word of God through radio.

This week we had an interesting insight into the life of one of our Radio Kahuzi listeners when he shared how his landlord had come to his rescue. Earlier, the landlord's sons had demanded that our listener pay several month's rent in advance at a higher figure if he wanted to stay where he has rented for several years. The listener went to the landlord and told him what his sons had said, and that he would have to move out. The landlord was surprised and said, "No" and wanted him to stay because he had recently come to know the Lord and was Growing in Grace because of our listener's presence and sharing witness to him.

And here is the rest of the story....For years the landlord felt hopelessly lost because he could not get to a church, and one day he saw our listener's little red radio recharging in the sun and heard the Gospel message and became interested.

Our Radio Kahuzi listener and his wife invited their landlord to come for coffee so they could testify and explain God's plan of Salvation by Grace, plus nothing, and he could hear the radio messages in
his own heart language. Then our listener gave him his own solar radio and the landlord began listening intensely, and finally understood that he could believe and receive the Lord personally, and was born again and reassured through the programming about his decision, and began to grow Spiritually - all because of our listener's presence and fellowship. 

And, about that high rent...the landlord told our friend to only pay his rent to him or his wife, not his children, and that he wrote in his will that, as long as his wife is alive, our Radio Kahuzi listener's rent would not be raised, and he could not be forced out by his children, who had been trying to misappropriate their father's business.

The Word of God lived out in the landlord's life improved our listener's daily life economically...just as our Lord instructed. "As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good onto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith." Gal. 6:10

We Praise the Lord for this insight into one background story of the Holy Spirit's Ministry through Radio Kahuzi and the Galcom fix-tuned radios in the Great Lakes Region of Africa.

God is asking us to be His voice to share the message of Easter one to one. With your prayers and sharing we can do it together through Radio Kahuzi.

With Love and Thanksgiving in our hearts to you all,
Kathy and Richard McDonald

Friday, March 11, 2016

Happy 30th Anniversary, BESI!

Barbara and Harold Smith
Thirty years ago today on March 11, 1986 (BESI) Believer's Express Service, Inc. was incorporated as a 501 (c) (3) at Toccoa Falls College in Toccoa Falls, GA. We were in our early 40s preparing to join HCJB World Radio to serve in Quito, Ecuador. The Lord had another plan. We received a letter from Rich and Kathy in Bukavu, (Zaire) D. R. Congo asking if we would help them begin an independent could we say no to our brother. Thirty years later, we are still standing by our dear brother and sister-in-law as they reach out in love to precious souls in Congo and now to a new people in Rwanda! To God be the Glory!

BESI's early Board of Directors: 
Lawrence Trumbower; 
Kathy and Richard McDonald; 
Barbara and Harold Smith
and Sharon and Gary Bowers
Barbara and Harold Smith while students at
Toccoa Falls College
preparing for the mission field in Quito, Ecuador
with our dear friend, Morton Dibble, head of the TFC print shop.
Morton printed all BESI's booklets, newsletter, prayer letters, etc.

Sorry for the quality, but just had to include those
early happy days in Bukavu...a tribute to
Fred and Millie Bahler, Kathy's parents, who pioneered
ministry in Bujumbura, Burundi where Kathy was born and
grew up in a grass hut with dirt floors.

Friday, March 4, 2016

A Day in the Life of a Missionary

Praise the Lord, I made it over the Congo / Rwanda border and back OK on Jan 2, 2016, and made the FINAL payment on the house in Rwanda! Kathy, as always, begins to pray me through the traffic cops and their dragnets and barricades, as she sees my big cloud of diesel smoke pulling out the gate, until she gets an answer to her cell call that I have made it back OK through Immigration to the Bukavu side.

I parked the Toyota at the Nguba Grace Church and caught a very smoky, trembling old taxi cab that normally I would rather not have ridden or, suffered in, but he was available when I needed him and I was in a hurry to get there! The taxi returned, and was back in place there at the top of the hill above and before the borders and no man’s land to pick me up when I came back across. I rolled the window down as far as I could, but that wasn’t far enough!!! Oh well, I don’t seem to have an allergic reaction. I sprayed my legs with bug spray before leaving, but I do seem to have that creeping feeling — it’s tick and flea season after the rains.

Editor’s Note: The same trip was made five or six times hand-carrying the payments to the bank in Rwanda to complete the purchase. We praise the Lord for guarding against robbery but, there was one close call when the owner of the property made the crossing with our very large partial payment and was attacked by a group of men from the Congo side attempting to rob him in “no man’s land”. However, the Lord intervened as we prayed! The Border Police from the Rwanda side saw what was happening and came out to the middle of the bridge between Rwanda and the DRC to the rescue, only after clothes were torn and blows were felt. The owner refused to come back for the rest of the payments so Richard had to brave the crossing each time and catch a taxi to a bank 5 kilometers away on top of the Kamembe Mountain to transfer each payment to the owner. Life is a little different on the frontline of Eastern Congo...still volatile. We pray for the Holy Spirit to breath peace on this war-torn region of the world so that the Congolese people may live a “quiet and peaceable life.” I Tim. 2: 1 - 2. Radio Kahuzi is the voice crying out in the wilderness with the real and only come to Christ.

Good, good news we can tell you, if you haven't heard, we have the deed to the house! So much work and doubts and sometimes fears. We finally have all the papers and the deed for the house and property in Rwanda, for which our good lawyer from Kigali worked soooo hard--to make it all official and finish it up! Such a huge answer to prayer when Rich came back from Cyangugu with all the legal papers in hand! It's been a loooong haul! We received the papers on Feb 5, 2016! We won't soon forget that date!
I went across to Rwanda Monday with a van rented from Mr. Kabila our mechanic who is fixing the brakes and tightening bolts on our Toyota and getting the yearly inspection for us.

Kathy: We have some curtains up and one load has been taken to the house, but until now, we couldn't put too much over there as we had to be sure of the deed first, to make sure we weren't being tricked! Praising our Lord for all He's done to make this all happen, we do our part, but in the end, it's His Program, and He has to do it right, in order for anything to be accomplished for His Honor and Glory!

Richard: There are many details, but not much time here in Bukavu to use our Internet system to write, as I will be going back before the border closes to spend another night there to prove we are residents! The officer did not want to let me come back yesterday without a passport. So I went up to the District Immigration Office and he gave me a photocopy of it and wrote a note on it in Kinyarwandan saying we are moving different loads of personal affects and he has the paperwork for our visa application.

I brought the van back today and the mechanic has not yet brought our Toyota. I will probably take a taxi back across as we have to pay to pass each side of the border, on the DRC side it will be $25 for multiple entries for a month. In Rwanda it will be $25 for one month but one entry only! So, I need to have a load in the van to make it worth using.

We hope they decide we have been there and slept enough days to be considered residents. They may find fault with our definition of being “residents” and Kathy may need to be there a week with me, or several days to satisfy their formula. They drive by your house to see if you are “in residence.”

I visited the Mayor’s office and “Division of Private Investment” to start the process to receive authorization to begin radio and other ministries. The new Mayor will be elected this week, so there was no one to see in that office. I started at an office called “One Stop Center,” that is to help find solutions, contacts, etc. They want me to write a project proposal; however, after I told them we are an “association,” they understood the steps I anticipate taking to move forward to begin a new ministry in a new country.

We love you all and THANK YOU EACH ONE for all your prayers and for all the help to keep Radio Kahuzi in DRCongo humming and keeping us going as we pursue Rwanda! We, truly, are blessed over, and over, again!

With Love and Thanksgiving in our hearts to you all,
Richard and Kathy McDonald