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Sunday, June 16, 2019


Today is Father’s Day and I’m sure that every daughter and son never has the words to deeply express their love and appreciation for our FATHERS as we should!!

One way of doing that is to say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for all they’ve done for us!

Rich and I loved my Dad soooo much and he was such a mentor to us all!  Everytime we look at his Vauxhall car parked in our yard, we think of my wonderful Dad and how he worked so hard to rejuvenate that car so that he could have wheels, and, yes, it worked and with all four exhaust pipes working at once, everyone in town knew that Freddy Bahler was going somewhere !!

Just this week we had a team of mechanics, two came from Kigali – thanks to Mark Neil! They worked so hard to pull down the transmission (what a monster) and heavy !I always think of my Dad and how he too helped sooo many people when they had car problems, or “piki” problems: or just anything that needed fixing, he could do it.

We also say THANK YOU for all the Spiritual insight my Dad had for me during my growing up years. Always, the Word of God had first place in his life and in our family life. Even to this day, he and my Mom influence my thinking and my Spiritual outlook on life; and I’m sooo thankful that I have that wonderful gift from them!

You see, they, Fred and Milly Bahler, came to the Belgium Congo mission field when they were young people, and since they dedicated their lives to the Lord, and the Lord’s work, they never looked back; and in spite of all the hardships, spiritual and physical, they never doubted that that’s what the Lord wanted them to do! They kept on keeping on!

Another special thank you to our Dads from all us daughters, who always feel so special, because our Dads surely treated us always with that extra special bond that only a Dad gives to his girl and we all know it! Thank You, Daddy, from the bottom of my heart, and for all the special memories that never go away. We know we’ll be in Heaven – together once again, and what a rejoicing that will be !!!!!

With loads of Love. 
Rich and Kathy  XXXX00000

Thursday, May 2, 2019




"...Fear not ye: for I know that ye seek Jesus which was crucified. He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay. And go quickly, and tell his disciples that he is risen from the dead..." Matthew 28: 5 - 7.

Greetings from Bukavu and Radio Kahuzi!

This past week we had the privilege of helping one of our Radio Kahuzi friend's father who was really in a bad situation. This father has been one of our Radio Kahuzi listeners from the beginning, when we started the radio ministry, and loves the Lord so very much. He loves listening to Radio Kahuzi where he lives far out in the hills and his son who works with us grew up listening along with his dad and now with his own kids!

Just a few weeks ago Pastor became very ill, so his two friends took him to a hospital by motor-bike, which was pretty scary, because they had to strap him to the driver and the other friend sat behind to make sure he didn't fall off! The ride took about an hour on very rough trails.

When they finally arrived at the hospital, Pastor said he couldn't remember a thing, because he was so out of it! And, wouldn't you know, as the Lord works beyond our imagination, a European doctor who just happened to be there on one of his every-three-months visits to that hospital, just happened to know what was wrong with Pastor, and began treatments right away. Other doctors had been treating him for the wrong illness--for three or more years, and that's why he became so ill.

As our Lord was at work, Pastor recovered, but then had a $380 bill. Where would the find that? And, besides that, the hospital has a policy that when one gets better, one has to pay up and give up the bed and go outside. The patient cannot go home until making the total payment. That means, sleeping on the cement outside in the severe cold night mountain air. And these past few weeks have been so much colder. While waiting to get help from SOMEWHERE, his church came up with $100 and one of his family members gave another $100. With your help, we were able to give $100! Praise the Lord! But, we found out that he still had to pay the final $80 before being released! PAY OR STAY!

A few days later, the patients noticed a stranger was visiting the hospital, and as our Pastor was leading a Bible and prayer time with the other patients who weren't able to pay their bills either, this stranger started visiting each patient, asking how much they still owed! He gave each one a gift, and guess who much he gave Pastor...$50. So he had to wait several more days until we were able to find the last amount he needed, $30; plus, $20 to get home. We are so finite compared to our Lord! Our Pastor and his wife finally got home and were able to Praise the Lord together for all that the Lord has done for them.

Sadly, this past year, while they were at church, their house burned down destroying all their belongings including their clothes. He said he would never complain about the little two-room house his son built for them out of sticks and mud. He is just thankful to be alive and back home with his family.

You may wonder what happens to your donations to our ministry. Please be assured that every penny is put to good purposes. Thank you for all you do for us, and for allowing us to do for others. You are such an encouragement when our hearts are pulled in many directions wanting to help those who come to us daily seeking relief from their sufferings.

Keep Looking Up...
for His Soon Appearing in the Heavenlies,
Rich and Kathy McDonald

Monday, March 11, 2019






(At the time of this photo in 1983, Richard was recovering 
from surgery on torn retinas in both eyes, and was basically, blind.)


Believer's Express Service, Inc., (BESI) was founded on March 11, 1986 on the campus of Toccoa Falls College (TFC) in Toccoa Falls, Georgia by Harold and Barbara Smith. The Smiths were attending TFC in preparation for missionary service with HCJB World Radio in Quito, Ecuador when Richard McDonald, brother to Barbara Smith requested that she and Harold consider helping them to begin an independent missionary ministry in the Democratic Republic of Congo then known as Zaire, Africa. The McDonalds arrived in Congo in 1974 to join Kathy's parents, Fred and Millie Bahler who had been serving since the 1940s. 

The Smiths prayed and the Lord redirected their plans for service to assist the McDonalds in their desire to remain in Africa but to step out in faith in a new direction.

And the rest is history. You can read more about their lives ( and how God directed them in 1983 after Richard was blinded by torn retinas to open the country of Zaire, now DRCongo to free radio and media. At that time is was against the law to even HAM radio out of the country. This was a big undertaking as they would need the permission of President MOBUTO. BUT GOD....

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Radio Kahuzi Broadcasting Schedule for our Shortwave Listeners

          CHERITH RADIO (Kahuzi) (1 ere Antenne)

8:00    Ouverture 1ère Antenne - Annonce de la Station: CHERITH Radio (Kahuzi)
8:05    Maombi na nimbi      Swahili
8:10    SPOTS     Francais / Swahili / Autres=Other
8:15    Children's Bible Hour - Uncle Charlie     English
8:30    Wazo la Asubui / Somo ya Siku     Swahili
8:45    Objectif Famille - La Famille Aujourd’hui - Focus on the Family -Dr. Dobson Fr.
9:00    Morning Light - Dr. Kenn Gangel    English
9:15    Kipindi cha watoto     Swahili
9:30    Storytime - Uncle Charlie - Children’s Bible Hour     English
9:45    KinyaRwandan Bible Reading: Romans, Saint John, etc.    KinyaRwandan
9:55    Mini Bible College - Dick Woodward (ICM)   Swahili
10:15  NEWS - INFO en Swahili RTNC / Varietes musicales     Swahili
10:30  NEWS - INFO en français RTNC / Varietes musicales    Francis
11:05  Adventures in Odyssey - Focus on the Family     English
11:20  Mahubiri / Predication / Selections sur Compacts    Francais / Swahili / English
11:50  Nyimbo na Salamu / Correspondance / Musique / Religieuse     Swahili
12:15  NEWS - Journal Parle en Swahili RTNC / Varietes musicales     Swahili
12:30  NEWS - Journal Parale en Francais RTNC    Swahili
12:50  Nyimbo na Salamu / Varietes musicales     Swahili

         B.E.S.T. RADIO (Kahuzi) / Bukavu Extension Service - Technical Radio

1:00  Ouverture 2eme Antenne - Annonce de la Station: B.E.S.T. Radio (Kahuzi)
1:05  SPOTS / Business English USA    Francais / Swahili / English   
1:20   La Voix du Congo Profond / Agriculture     Francais / Swahili / Lingala
1:45   Objectif Famille - La Famille Aujourd'hui - Focus on the Family     Francais
2:00   NEWS Direct RTNC, Kinshasa or Kazi ni Kazi / Afya Yetu / Reportage     Francais / Sw
2:45   Enquête et Reportage, Des Radio Clubs Kahuzi - Kinyarwandan
3:00   Enquête Sur Terrains / Kazi Ni Kazi / Election Info / Sur Terrain    Sw / Francais / Etc

          CHERITH RADIO (Kahuzi) (2ere Rubrique)

3:30   Annonce de la Staton: Cherith Radio (Kahuzi)
3:35   Running to Win - Dr. Lutzer / Love Worth Finding - Dr. Rogers / In Touch / English    
4:00   Predication / Pastor Mutangi / or other     Swahili / Francais
4:20   La Famille Aujourd’hui / Objectif Famille - Focus on the Family - Dr. Dobson Fr.
4:35   Correspondence / Nyimbo na Salamu    Swahili / Francais
5:00   Announce de la fin de l’emissions

5 - 7:45   If the current was cut from 10 AM to 5 PM will present our choice of programs

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Partnership with SonSet Solutions

Equipment list compiled by Robert Springer at SonSet Solutions

Studio Equipment Upgrade Needed

Cost: $10,622 

If you would like to help purchase one or more of these items click on "Donate Today"

(Some models and pricing may change)

                    14-Channel Audio Mixer $1,200

                      Announcer Microphone/Boom Arm/Cable $ 500  - PAID

                        Powered Monitor Speakers (2)   $ 110   $ 220

                                   Headphones (3) $ 85  $  225

                           CB / USB Player (3)  $ 235     $ 705

                                 Network Hub / Router  $ 55 - PAID


  8TB Network Attached Storage w/2 spare drives $ 1,500

           8TB Backup Hard Drive w/ 1 spare drive $ 786

                              Misc Connecting Cables $ 200

                    RadioBOSS Automation Software $ 100

                32GB 3.0 minimum Flash Drives (6) $ 10  $ 60


    Business Class Laptop (Refurbished) (6)  $ 600 $3,600

External USB Keyboard / Mouse (6)  $20   $120

                             External CD Player (6) $ 25.83    $155

                                         4-Input Audio Switch $210 - PAID


                                      USB 3.0 Switch $40 - PAID

Zoom H6 Six-track Portable Recorder (4) $ 148   $ 592

                          Audio Interface (2)   $ 177     $ 354

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Happy Birthday, Kathleen!

Who can find a virtuous woman? 
for her price is far above rubies...
She stretches out her hand to the poor; 
yea, she reacheth forth her hands to the needy.
Proverbs 31: 10 - 31

Sunday, July 1, 2018

RADIO KAHUZI - New FM and SW Antennas in Our New Home!

Kathy and I are so Thankful for your Encouragement to us and BESI / Radio Kahuzi over the first 27 years from the Signature / Authorization on 4 July 1991, and the 26 years (Dec. 24) on the air as the first private broadcasting station in the D R Congo!

Kathy, Richard, Danny, Samuel, Pastor Gregoire, and Feza

Danny at the controls

Richard with SW transmitter ON AIR!

Feza, Mama Lugano (provided property and building), 
Rich and Kathy, Pastor Gregoire, Samuel, and Danny

The Governor and other radios officially recognized Kahuzi Radio 6210 Khz as "the Short-Wave station without comparison -- that has never been equaled." Of course, our desire is to hear His "Well Done" in Eternity for the Gospel Outreach and His Ministry of Reconciliation that He Himself is Doing daily!

Pastor Gregoire and Richard Lugano erecting SW antenna

Inverted V-Antenna for smaller space needed
Designed by our partners in ministry, SonSet Solutions. 
(formerly HCJB Engineering in Elkhart, IN)

Richard Lugano standing by the switching box. Richard is a BESI / DRC Board Member who installed the antennas and all the studio wiring. Richard founded TMT Cyber Cafe in Bukavu which is a provider of Internet and telecommunications services.

Thank you for your Prayer and Encouragement as we begin anew with our New Broadcast Station in Bukavu with a new FM Antenna and our New SW Antenna that greatly Increases our Outreach!

We Praise the Lord for "His Working-Together" through You and us until He Calls us to His Great Reward Ceremony, the Soon-Coming Rapture of His Believers!

In His Love and Care, Keep Looking Up!
Richard and Kathy McDonald